another results letter?

hi, just writing to see if anyone has had 2 results letters before.

in March I had my results after Lletz, this stated ‘I have had the results of your cervical biopsy, it shows the abnormalities that were predicted by your smear, we will arrange to repeat your smear with a colposcopy in clinic here in 6 months time’

so then four weeks later I received another letter, my heart dropped when I seen it was from the hospital, but this only stated ‘just to let you know that your colposcopy results were discussed in the colposcopy meeting. they are happy with our plan and I will therefore see you in 6 months time in order to repeat your smear’

this had of a little worried for a bit, wondering why I had another letter? was this normal? why was it taken to a meeting after they already sent me a letter out? has anyone else had anything like this?

thanks for reading xxx