Another Positive Story for Xmas

I did it. My results came back following my radical hysterectomy on 19 November. All cancer removed, margins clear and no lymph node involvement. Yippee what a relief.

One outstanding issue is a node in my vagina which couldn’t be removed during op but didn’t show up on MRI so could be harmless fingers crossed. My consultant is seeing me on 21st so may know more after then but for now one very happy lady.


Fantastic news and a great timing too!

xx Anna

Brilliant news, thank you for sharing! I'll hopefully be in a similar position after my radical hysterectomy on 6th January...



im so so pleased for you esp with the support you have given me I hoped you would get a good outcome :) x 

mine is next fri so I will pray For the same result. Hopefully in jan I will get the all clear 

BRILLIANT! There's no better feeling. Hoping that all the other lovely ladies awaiting results and treatment can similarly have that warm glow


Excellent news!
Congratulations Helen!
Thanks for sharing

Happy Christmas!

Amazing news, HUGE congratulations.

Have a very happy Christmas xx

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words. I couldn't have done this without your support. 


I hope those of you waiting for results, ops or ongoing treatment lots of luck. Go stick two fingers up and kick cancer's backside xxx


Just want to pop up and say congratulations!!

Brilliant news!!!

so happy for you xx

Love this! xxx