Another lletz at colp to remove cc

So im so nervous today :( my anxiety is really bad.

Not because of my second loop but because of the waiting after

I got a letter posted ands its what got sent to my docs


Diagnosis: At least stage 1a1 squamous cell cancer of the cervix and extends to the ectocervical margin

So  I do know with the words at least it means it could be worse. Im really anxious because I had a really really bad 2017 and to be told on the 2nd of jan I have cc (even early) is really not the best start to 2018 and I feel so down xxx

massive hugs hun


i too am thinkin this is the worst start to the year!


my appt is tomorrow, for my second LLETZ biopsy results and im s***ting myself!! if you want to chat you can always inbox me as we are in this together! 



Thank you, I have sent you a private message as im just curious to what exactly the doc said to you when they first found it all x