Another Good News Post! : )

Hi Ladies

Sorry haven't posted in ages, but always pop in to see how everyone is doing and if I can offer any advice.

I had my 9 months check up today and got another All Clear :)  and he also told me, unless I have other symptoms, I will not be scanned again..which I am happy about ...but also makes me a little nervous! I do like the security of a I am a happy camper!

Also got my results from my polyop removal and cytoscopy and vault biopsy and they thought it looked dodgy, but came back all clear for cancerous and pre cancerous cells.

Cytoscopy showed severe radiation changes, my poor little bladder has taken a hit, but hopefully it heals in time? Along with my tum - they said I have entertis of my small intestine, but again, hoping it heals with time.

I hope you ladies are going ok - I think of you all often..and hope that my post helps people think positively, it has definitely been a long year since diagnosis - almost 11 months to the day..but I am finally starting to get back on track again.

Lots of love to you all

Vic xxx

Good news Vic, so nice to hear how people are getting on when its good news.

Keep on keeping on and best of luck to your 'poor little bladder'


Great news!


This is wonderful news, Vic, I'm so happy for you. :-) Well done. And yes, I reckon it's early days in terms of healing.

Hurrah! :-)


Great news 

Thankyou for taking the time to post Vic. It is always encouraging to hear such fab news x

Well done you xx

kath xx

Great news so happy for you :) xxx