Another colposcopy

Hi all,

5 months ago I had a smear test and it showed that I had severe diskariosis. I had a colposcopy and Lletz treatment. After many complications (prolonged bleeding, secondary infection) my biosy results came back saying I was OK and it only showed CIN 1. I went back for another smear 2 weeks ago...and I now have to go for another colposcopy as my last smear showed that I have the HPV virus. Has anyone else been through this and what was the outcome of your second biosy results. I'm freaking out. And nobody seems to have any answers for me. Please help.

Many thanks

Candi x

Hi Candi22

aorry to hear what you are going through but hope I can make you feel a little better by letting you know you are not alone. I too have a second colposcopy arrange for 13th June. I had my smear in September last year and had high grade changes had colposcopy and lletz to remove and results came back CGIN (inside cervix) and CIN2 (outside cervix) but all removed. Had my 6 month follow up in April and results show HPV neg but borderline changes. I have posted a couple of posts on the forum but no one has got back to me with advice.

i am a little worried about having this again what if they come back again etc. I do t have children yet but hoped to in the near future...oh and on top of that I have endometriosis so having children is already going to be hard enough. 


It's awful isn't it Shareen88? The waiting is the worst part. Thank you for replying. I hope all goes well for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Keep me posted.

C xx


I'm in exactly the same boat. I had CIN3 and leetz around 18 months ago, which was removed with clear margins. At 6 month check I had high risk HPV and had another colposcopy, all looked ok and I was put on a yearly smear. I recently had my smear an this came back with low grade changes and high risk HPV. 

I had another colposcopy and biopsies taken last week and I'm awaiting the results. The waiting is crazy - I waited 6 weeks for my referral to colposcopy this time. 

Keeping fingers crossed everything is fine and I don't need another leetz. The consultant did say i hadn't really had a single clear smear since I was in my 20's and I'm now 36. It's never ending!


K x

Hi K....

Omg that's awful. You poor thing. I will keep everything crossed for you that all is OK. 

C x

Hi K

oh gosh that is horrible - 16 years with no clear smear that must be so frustrating and draining. Please keep me posted on how you get on x