another colposcopy on the 18th

Hi Everyone, i just wanted to think out loud really, but really want other peoples experiences.


 Im going for another colposcopy on the 18th Dec after biopsys a few months ago said CIN1/2, they wanted to adopt the watch and wait approach as im 25 and do not have children. However for about 2 years now ive been suffering with Pain and bleeding with sex, they noted on my 1st colposcopy that i had cervical erosion and exposed cervical veins but by the 2nd colposcopy it had mysteriously fixed itself, and the bleeding had almost stopped, but the pain was still there and i was getting abdo pain. 

I had a laparoscopy about 5 weeks ago to check if there was anything else like PCOS or endometriosis, this was all clear, however the bleeding has increased again over the past couple of months and its become almost daily. Im on a pill that stops periods so its not that. Also sex feels excrutiating and i get what feels like spasms in the cervix area.....i appologise if this is way to much info but i would like to see if anyone else has had the same/similar. I know i havent got long to wait for my colposcopy.


thank you xx