Another Colposcopy after LLETZ

Hi Girls,


I had my 3 yearly smear last year and had CIN3 and my glandular cells were affected also. I went for colposcopy and they did the LLETTZ there and then. Just been for my follow up smear 3 weeks ago and the results letter says cells look normal but HPV stil present so need to go for another colposcopy as the cells are less likely to go away whilst HPV is present and could be new cells.


Can anyone thats had it return tell me their stories?


I assume when i go for the repeat colposcopy if they see anything il have LLETZ again :( 



My experience is not the same as yours, but have read A LOT of stories where girls needed a second lletz and the were fine.

All that I can suggest is just try and keep yourself as healthy as you can. If you smoke stop. Up the vitamins, water, green tea etc.

If it's only HPV and cells are normal they'll probably just monitor x