Another anxious gal waiting for treatment…

Just wanted to post here for some selfish reassurance! After 2 years of my gynae hoping my abnormal cells would clear themselves up, I’m finally scheduled in for treatment on September 1st.

I suffer terribly with anxiety and I could be sick every time I think of this appointment. They gave me a leaflet at my last colposcopy about LLETZ and cold coagulation but didn’t tell me which procedure it would be if it came to it. I feel a bit in the dark about what to expect.

I’ve read a few posts on here that unfortunately have heightened my anxiety so much! It’s to be expected really when you read too much about something, but I’m just so nervous. Covid has meant that I’ve been on my own for all but one appointment so far and I’ll be honest, I feel a bit emotional and traumatised just after colposcopy, so I’m really really worried about how I’ll feel after treatment.

Any words of wisdom, comfort or reassurance are welcomed! Is it up to the gynae which procedure happens or do I get a say? I’ve never been under GA before either - I assumed it would be LA but I’ve seen lots of posts saying they’ve been put to sleep!

Just another anxious brain running in circles x

Just wanted to post, I had LLETZ under LA and didn’t feel a thing.
I was anxious before attending my appointment as it was the first time my smear had ever come back with HPV and abnormal cells. (I’m 34 and always attended my smear test) I have also been single for a couple of years so it was a big shock.

The consultant I see had 2 nurses with him and one of the nurses stayed by my side and talked to me whilst it was being carried out. For me it was all pain free and over very quickly (I didn’t even feel the needle for the LA). I was able to continue with my normal daily routine (although you are advised to take it a bit easy and only light exercise, no swimming, no intercourse or using tampons for 4 weeks after the procedure) - although I had a bit of cramping and discharge but this is expected after it.

Unfortunately I needed further treatment after and originally it was going to be another LLETZ under GA - this was due to them needing to go in deeper and it wouldn’t be comfortable for me and they also need me to stay still whilst doing it. They then changed this to a different procedure after my results was reviewed in one of there team meetings.

I would have thought if you was having it under GA they would have advised as you normally have to have a pre-assessment and would have to be in for a certain time and can not eat or drink for a certain amount of hours before the procedure, also are advised to take things with you and you will not be able to drive after the appointment.

I hope the above helps, but if you have any questions feel free to message me.

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Hi there,
I was quite anxious leading up to my treatment for CIN 3 in January 2021. Like you every time I thought of the appointment I felt sick. However I had to realise that things can always be worse. I had to count myself lucky that the abnormal cells were found on time and could be dealt with. Yes I was scared it would hurt and I was scared of the recovery and I was scared of a million other what if’s but you have got to think of the women on here that have been through so much worse whose abnormal cells weren’t caught on time. I got strength from somewhere as I got through it and I was so proud of myself and it actually wasn’t as bad as I built it up to be.

I was given a choice of cold coagulation or LLetz. I did my research on both and I chose cold coagulation. I’m in my mid thirties and I don’t have any kids yet and this is often the chosen treatment for women who haven’t started a family yet. Both treatments are very successful and are done with a local anaesthetic. I don’t like needles and I was petrified I would jump with the pain of it but it was fine and all I felt with the cold coagulation was abdominal cramping but no pain in my cervix surprisingly. The cold coagulation treatment burns off the cells despite being called cold it’s very hot and Lletz cuts them out. You should ring the colposcopy clinic to discuss the two treatment options and explain your fears and they can decide if you need a general anaesthetic. I’ve never had a general anaesthetic but the local anaesthetic worked for me so if I had to have treatment again I would stick with the local anaesthetic. However, I know people find the experience traumatic and a general anaesthetic sounds like the way to go for them.

There’s great advice on this forum and a few horror stories but everyone is different and we all respond differently to things. As scary as it all is at the moment it could be worse and when you read on here what other women have gone through it puts things in perspective. You CAN get through this and once those abnormal cells are gone it’s onwards and upwards and imagine how good you will feel then.

Thanks so much for your reply, that does make total sense in regards to GA. I’ve re-read my results letter from my biopsy and they have scheduled a colposcopy first, so maybe I’ll be super lucky and everything will be clear :speak_no_evil: hope you are feeling better after all of your treatments! Xx

Thanks so much, it’s great to hear your experience too - I’m only 26 and still to start a family so interesting to hear that side too! Definitely a discussion to be had with my gynae I think. Hope everything worked out well for you and thanks for your reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No worries. I’m currently awaiting my smear test results six months post treatment. I really hope it has been successful.

So far not to bad, had clear margins from my second procedure, so now just got to wait for my 6 month check in January.

Just wish there was some more information about it all and after effects of the treatment.

I don’t have kids either and would like to have a family and have been told there shouldn’t be any problems with having children after the treatment but would be monitored a bit more closely at the beginning due to the cervix being shorter, would be every 2 weeks (I think they said to 20ish weeks)