ANOTHER abnormal test!

Hello! It’s my first post here so I’m nervous - haha!

I had my first smear test at age 20; which was abnormal. I then had another one 3 months later Which was abnormal too! I then fell pregnant so they just left me. 

After I had my little girl I got another abnormal smear (Cin1) This time I got referred up to the women’s day clinic at Aberdeen royal infirmary. They had a look, done some tests and said I had to get another smear in 6 months. 6 months later had my smear - another abnormal one with cin2 changes - so got LEEP treatment. 

Had a smear test 3 weeks ago - got my letter back on Monday and it said more abnormal changes that need looked at. This morning I got a letter through from the hospital which said I need to go for a consultation with a doctor first this time - I’m scared!! has anyone had this and if so what did the doctor want to speak about first?!


sorry for the long post!!


I have had abnormal smears in the past and had to go to the Colposcopy Clinic, for treatment twice. Each time, the Doctor chatted with me about the smear results and how it was abnormal and said that she’d have a look and see if treatment was needed now or whether they’d just keep an eye on it and monitor what happens.

The last time I had an abnormal smear, the Dr discussed it with me and suggested that we wait and see what happens and for me to go back for another check in six months time. Which I agreed with. Six months later, things had not improved, but nor had they got worse, so I went another six months, without treatmeant. I think it was on the third visit, that the Dr suggested that she actually do the treatment this time, as things had not improved on their own. I agreed with this, as I too had begun to feel that as things had not got better, maybe treatment to get rid of the suspect area would be a good idea, so I had loop diathermy and a biopsy was taken and the abnormal area removed. The Dr also suggested that I could try using Vagifem for a few months, to see if it helped the whole cervical area be more healthy, so as to fight off the abnormalities that persisted. Vagifem is a hormone tablet that you insert into the vagina, twice a week and I did this for five months and stopped about a month prior to my next smear test, which was six months after the loop diathermy treatment. The result of this last smear was good, in that no HPV was detected and I’ve now gone back to three yearly smears. I don’t know if the Vagifem worked or not, but I was keen to try anything that would help eradicate the HPV. 

I know that the virus can lay dormant and reactivate, but for now, it’s dormant, so I’ll have to see how the future smears go. I expect that your hospital appointment will be like mine, in that the doctor will talk about the next steps and discuss things with you, so that you are fully informed of your treatment options. Try not to worry. The main thing is that you are being treated and can nip things in the bud, should things be going awry. The quicker one is treated, the better the outcome.