Annual cervical screening recall

Hi all, hoping if anyone can help me. I’ve been on the long road of HPV positive results since the new HPV primary testing came into play. Feel like I am always on tenterhooks waiting for the next screening to find out if anything has changed. Last year I needed a colonoscopy as I was HPV positive and some abnormal cells were picked up. I had my screening test in March, and then my colposcopy in June 2023. I was advised after colposcopy that nothing to report but as I was still HPV positive then I’d need the annual recall and to go back to my GP when due. It’s now mid March, and I’ve sought advice that I should be due from the date of my screen (rather than the colp date). I’m just wondering if this is the case? As I’ve not had an invite letter yet and my GP surgery is borderline useless.
Hoping someone might have the answer (fingers crossed).

Hiya, not had this problem but the page on the government website isn’t clear either

There is a section about people who are not treated for CIN at their appointment and it says 12 month recall but it doesn’t say whether that is from GP smear or colposcopy. The cervical screening service is run by a central service…your GP can contact them but if you think your GP won’t be helpful it might be worth trying the colposcopy unit and see if they can help put you in contact? X

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