angry with secretary

I had my 6 month check up on 23rd oct after a lletz in April, rang up to find results were back but they refused to tell me and said unfortunately the consultant needed to write to me, rang up again as still not heard anything and the actual secretary was in. She is a nasty nasty person just as i remember from april, didn’t take my name just said she is busy she will write to you. So annoyed. Why do they treat you like noone when you are worried.

Hi there

It is infuriating, isn't it? However, it's true that the secretary is not allowed to tell you anything. My mother in law used to do that job, and believe me they would get in a lot of trouble for giving you your results. They are not medically qualified to interpret them, so they are not allowed to discuss them with you. It does sound like your consultant's secretary is a miserable bat though.

Try calling your GP - they get a copy of the results too and if your GP is nicer and more considerate than Ms Angry the secretary, he/she might take the time to let you know what they say.

Good luck!


I agree with moggsy, give your gp a ring. Mine was able to tell me my results when the hospital secretary couldn't. It's definitely worth a try xxx