Angry...... Confused.... unecessary LLetz ?

Im really confused and angry after a roller coaster few weeks.


I got a letter direct from colposcopy clinic after my smear to say it was abnormal and offering an appt in 10 days. I went for examination and doc told me high grade dyskosis and moderate changes, during exam he said he would treat while I was there.


II was unable to cope with the LA so they stopped and referred me for a GA instead. I was ca,led next day and told the doctor had marked my case urgent so was back at hospital  within a week for lletz. Because of the hurry i didnt receive any letters until after treatment, my letter states its only CIN1 possibly 2 and letter from lletz received today states no abnormal pre cancer cells found.


Has anyone else had this ? I feel like ive been through all of this for nothing and am so upset right now 

Please dont get me wrong, im very glad that I dont have CC and know there are plenty on this forum that are in far worse position. ....but surely if they had just done a biopsy it would avoid unecessary  treatments ?

That is rather confusing. It's not uncommon to have lletz without biopsies as far as I'm aware, if they see a nasty area they sometimes treat it straight away but it's certainly odd that it came back as no abnormal cells. If I were you I'd ring and voice your concerns and ask to have the results explained fully. You could also ask how much they removed. I remember how upset I felt after the lletz because of having something taken away from me. We just have to remember they do these things to try and save lives, I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry. Sorry you've had to go through what's turned out to be unnecessary worry :(. Let us know if you find out anything more xxx

Thanks for your reply jojo....  I know ive had a light ride so to speak,  but im a huge phobic with docs n needles especially so for me this was a huge thing.  Ive taken comfort in this forum in last few weeks as a reader and i know people are going through this daily (i didn't even know about cc stuff till now, my OH who was so dismissive till now is also angry ....i feel i was pushed into treatment x

Ill let you know what they say x


I'm sorry to hear what's happened and how you're feeling. It is, as Jojo said, pretty usual now for them to treat straightaway, it'called 'see and treat'. While I can appreciate you're upset and angry, it can help to remember that you would have consented to the prcedure and that the doctor would have had your best interests in their mind. Hindsight can put a different perspective on things, but it's not always a helpful one. Colopscopies, as indeed any tests, aren't always perfect, and it seems that from the stains that they applied that the changes looked like moderate/high grade.  Please believe that the treatment would have been done on what they suspected as high grade changes can be serious - their intention is to help not harm.

You can always get in touch with PALS at the hopsital and discuss your experience so that they can look into things for you. One question you could ask is how expereinced was the colposcopist and the person who looked at your sample? Have they given you the correct results? How could it be that the areas looked high grade on your cervix and yet there were no abnormalities found? These are perfectly valid questions to be asking.

Having LLETZ isn't easy for most women as it is, and I'm sorry you have these added emotions to deal with. I hope you're able to get some answers and that in time you'll be able to appreciate that it's bettter for them to have nothing rather than any other alternatives, even that's not how it feels now.

All the best to you.

Thanks Twilight. Im struggling to get hold of the specialist nurse who wrote with my results, my lletz was done at a different hospital to the colposcopy clinic so im not sure who to ring now. I may need to speak with GP about who can answer my questions

I also had LLETZ done after a smear came back with moderate changes. No biopsy was taken and I was sent straight for treatment. The results from the LLETZ showed that it was only CIN1. Like you I felt angry about this as having a 4th treatment means I literally have no cervix left no to treat. However, like the other posters have said, they have your best interests in mind ultimately and while testing isn't always perfect, it's better than leaving this to chance. My CIN1 wasn't completely excised and 6 months later my smear is moderate again - I don't say this to scare you but to say that if my CIN1 wasn't treated 6 months ago, my latest smear would still have been bad news.