Anemia or lung mets?

Hi guys, let me just start by saying I admire and appreciate each one of you, if it werent’t for this forum I really don’t know what I would have done …

I was diagnosed last week - grade 3, stage 3C, by biopsy and pelvis and abdominal MRI. I was severely anemic and ended up with a heamoglobin of aprox 5, I received a blood transfusion and then it was raised a little bit -7. Previously I had shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate I assumed because of the anemia. But after the biopsy I also developed a dry cough / coughing 4 , 5 times a day something like that and feeling a pressure in my chest … I will push for at least an X Ray of my lungs but I wonder what symptoms have you had before being diagnosed with lung mets?

Thanks a lot :heart:

I’m not sure if this is reassuring or not but I had no symptoms at all from my lung nodules. I think it’s worth an urgent call to your oncology team if you are breathless no matter what the cause. Take care of yourself x

How are you? I hope the cough is not related to the cancer. I am currently awaiting for chest scans as I’m also experiencing shortness of breath and some chest pains. I know in my gut that it has spread cuz of other symptoms like nausea that comes and goes. So either on my tummy or lungs. Just looking for some reassurance here. Is there a chance of cure for stage 4b?

Hi George. Were you originally stage 4b or the lung Mets as recurrence? How are you now? I’m currently waiting for confirmation but I already know due to my symptoms that it has spread. Is there any chance of cure for this stage? Sending love and prayers.xx

Hi May
My lung mets are recurrence. I had no symptoms. It was picked up on a routine scan. My consultant has told me my cancer is treatable but no longer curable.
I hope you don’t mind me saying but you sound really very distressed. Have you tried speaking to Macmillan or your CNS or GP? They will be able to help you.
Take care

George, I have been thinking about you. I know your lung Mets was caught just after a few months you finished your primary treatment. My heart breaks for you but at the same time I know some ladies here who are in remission after lung mets. So there’s hope. Are you doing chemo now? How are you coping so far? I’m praying for you and sending you lots of strength. Xx


I’m hoping things have moved on for you and you’ve had your scans now. If you are Stage 3 (as I was) you’ll have a number of scans including a PET/MRi with radioactive dye - a whole body scan. This is to look for cancer satellites anywhere in the body. It’s how I was categorised as 3C2 after the gynae thinking I was only Stage 1. It’s curable. Hopefully you will be clear in the lungs and the worst you will have is involvement of the para-aortic abdominal nodes, as I did. I was declared NED in May, and have blood tests and a check later in November. There could be all sorts of reasons for the breathlessness and the anaemia, which sounds very severe, could well be causing it and will need to be very carefully managed. I hope you are coping, have your full diagnosis and a start date. X

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