And we've hit 7 weeks and one day...

I hate waiting it is driving me crazy!!

I had a follow up colposcopy on June 17th. I'd previously had LLetz & my 6 month was a clear smear (yey) but still HPV +ve (Boo!)

So had the follow up to see if I'd cleared the HPV, told the usual 6 weeks for results, all my others have been exactly 6 weeks.. and nothing...

Partof me wants to call, but if it is bad news, I'd deal with it better not on the phone.

I know that in reletive terms HPV and abnormalties aren't really bad but to me I just want it gone so even that would get a bad reactioin I think :(


Should I wait? or call?



You've been a lot more patient than me! I had my first LLETZ treatment exactly 3 weeks ago for CGIN and I'm still waiting on the biopsy results.  I got too impatient yesterday and decided to phone the hospital to see if they are ready yet only to find that the clinic wasn't running yesterday so there was no one who could speak to me! Going to try again tomorrow I think even though I was told 4-6 weeks so really I shouldn't be pushing it yet but the waiting is starting to stress me out.  After 7 weeks I would definitely be giving them a call!! A letter could be sitting on someone's desk somewhere and they've forgotten to post it. x

Thank you Sam....


We've now hit 8 weeks... spent yesterday on the phone, nurses don't handle result chase ups, but left a message anyway...I have to call the secretaries...Call them repeatedly for three hours, no answer, and mailbox full... joy!


Back to waiting then... :(

I just got the call - its all good news...Smear negative :) HPV NEGATIVE :) Precautionary 12 month recall just as I didn't clear the HPV the first time & I'm heading towards mid 30s but I'll live with that!