Anal cancer or cancer related health anxiety?

Hi everyone,

So, first of all after my diagnosis of cervical cancer I found a lump in my breast. My doctor put it at 4cm, so it's quite large.


I had 6 biopsies taken at the breast clinic and it came back as sclerosing adenosis. Phew. Not breast  cancer.


Now I'm worrying about anal cancer. 


I've had a small hemorrhoid for a long time. Possibly more than a year or even two years. I've never sought medical help for it. 


Around 10 years ago I had 5 polyps removed from my colon. 


I've had fairly loose stools for more than 15 years and haven't ever experienced constipation. 


The day before yesterday my anus started to feel suddenly itchy. 


Once I was in the shower I felt it and was very surprised when I found a lump around ten times the size of my usual pea sized little hemorrhoid. 


Everything I find online states anal cancer is more common in people who have had cervical cancer and people who have had polyps. 


It also says if you have had hemorrhoids for more than a week you should get them checked by your GP. I didn't know this so never had mine checked. 


I feel so embarrassed that my GP is going to think I'm overreacting. 


Has anyone experienced anything similar? 


I'm so fed up of every little thing making me think the cancer has spread. :'(



i don't know if you remember but I absolutely was worried about my fissure being connected to my HPV ( who knows, it might be).I had zero answers on that.

I took part in a vulval cancer research project when waiting for my lletz appointment.

any lumps and bumps I would get checked but I wonder if your gynae would be the best port of call. I know anal cancer is very rare but you have every right to ask the question. 

I mentioned my concerns to doc doing the research and she told me to ask the gynae in my appointment. Only I couldn't as I only saw the nurse who did the procedure and I felt she was pretty pissed off with my questions. 

Good luck- keep posting - I will stalk this forum x


Hi Rebecca,


Thank you lovely. I feel like such a hypochondriac.


I've managed to look now and although it feels massive, it is still only very small. Doubled in size rather than 10 times the size.


The more I read, the more I think I need to seek advice. Then the more embarrassed I become.


I'm sorry the nurse wasn't very forthcoming with you. I really wish medical professionals were all really lovely and approachable... But thrn I suppose, they would be getting appointment requests left, right and centre for every slight twinge. X


I did do a forum search and came across your post. I was going to wrote on it but thought as it was a couple of months ago it may get lost. Xx


It's like reading about myself! Again I had a small hemorrhoid & excess skin where it kept bulging & disappearing. Never in a million years before all this fiasco did I ever think anything of it. Then I, like you, became convinced it was something sinister after googling myself into an anal cancer rabbit hole. No matter what symptoms you put into google, most of them will relate to some sort of cancer! It's not healthy


Again, like you, I have had loose stools for 10+ years. It can absolutely be normal for some people. I got to the point where I have just been for a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy to check the outside of my bum as well as my rectum & colon. Speak to your Doctor if this is something you would like to explore. Mine were very understanding luckily.


Everything was absolutely 100% healthy apart from a few polyps that I have had for years, again like you :) Despite me convincing myself that the lump, bright red blood & itching was more than something I have been experiencing for years. I think after what you've been through, it's normal to feel a heightened state if anxiety. I've been through nothing compared to you & I am so hyper aware of my body so my heart goes out to you lovely


The Doctor at the hospital explained things very clearly to me - how likely is it really that all this 'bad' stuff is happening in such quick concession? When really before there was no issues & I never thought about it. Anxiety can play HAVOC on your body. Especially on your pelvic region she explained. Once you're aware of a sensation in a specific body area, you'll only focus on it more

If you are worried, get checked out. But I wanted to point out that you're not alone. As I say, our minds are very powerful & can create physical symptoms 


I remember seeing a comment from you, saying when you'd used google it showed just how microscopic your diagnosis was. Which makes it impossible to have spread. Take some of your supportive & kind advice to others, for yourself. Be kind to yourself & try not to over analyse every little sensation that you'll be so much more aware of now


If you need to speak to anybody, my inbox is always open. I myself am currently undergoing therapy to deal with my experience & it's really helping to talk it out

lots of love xx

Hi Aimee,


You are such a love. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


I'm pleased to hear you are getting support. Xx

Hi again LL

tbe chances are teeny that it is anything as HPV is localised. However it occurred to me that the vagina is near the anus so it might be worth checking. My fissure was anterior ( at the front) and though it seems to have healed again so not too worried, I felt it was reasonable to ask the question.

I rang jos again and they also advised me just to check with the GP for infection due to my copious water discharge so have done a swab.

it's your body- you can always ask the questions.

all my love xxx

Sorry to hear how you have been feeling. I had to reply as I had the exact same thoughts!
I had a stage 1a1 Adenocarcinoma diagnosis last year in September and since have developed such awful health anxiety.

I too had convinced myself of anal cancer given the fact it can be caused by HPV. I developed hemorrhoids after my cone biopsy last year and had been having sharp stabbing pains/ loose stools etc.

Whilst I have not had any procedures to investigate, I have been to the GP to assessed everything (she must think I’m 100% crazy) and she says definitely hemorrhoids.

It is so stressful. I never thought I would get a cancer diagnosis, I am so thankful it was early, but that doesn’t stop us from becoming very anxious about any small thing!!

Take care and make sure you talk about it to loved ones, it helps with a bit of perspective.


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