An update

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give an update. I’ve used this forum as a support tool since March and I have found it so useful and reassuring to read everyone else’s stories- so here is mine!

3rd March- routine smear test. I’ve been regular with my smear tests. Had one at 20 when I lived in Scotland (clear results), another at 25 when I moved to Leeds (clear results) and this was my third at the age of 28. Two weeks after this I got a phonecall saying I had an appointment for the 24th March for a colposcopy as I had high grade dyskaryoasis.

24th March- colposcopy appointment. After getting settled into the chair and a lot of fumbling (my cervix is apparently very hard to find) I could see on the screen the changes the doctor was talking about. After applying the vinegar solution, there were some white areas and some with red angry looking tiny veins. She told me these very severe changes CIN3 and she performed the LLETZ treatment on the spot. The injection for the anisthetic was the worst part but it wasn’t too uncomfortable. My whole body was shaking afterwards and I feel very tired. I had a watery discharge for about 3-4 weeks but nothing too major.

18th May- I got a phonecall saying I had a follow up appointment because the abnormality they removed was more severe than they initially thought. This was followed by a letter the following day. This sent me into meltdown. Surely the only thing worse than CIN3 was cancer?

20th June- today I went for my follow up appointment. It was with the consultant and he explained that what they removed during my first lletz on the 23rd March was indeed cancer. Just hearing the word made me want to throw up! He explained it all very clearly though and said that he wanted to perform the lletz treatment again to ensure that he had gotten rid of the rest of the pre cancerous cells and make sure the cancerous cells were not anywhere else. The lletz treatment was more painful this time but he was so reassuring and I felt very positive. He said I was lucky to have gone for my smear in March- any longer and it could have spread to stage 2. He said he was happy with my treatment and he was going to perform my next smear test in 6 months time to ensure it all goes smoothly. He also told me what would happen when we decide to have children and they can stitch my cervix if it isn’t strong enough.

I feel extremely positive about it all now. My husband thought I was dying when the word cancer was mentioned but my smear test in March was the first step to getting rid of it! Please don’t be scared of smear tests and colposcopy sand lletz treatments. I feel so lucky that it didn’t develop further and I’m out of the woods now. Keep up to date with smears ladies! I did, and I caught it in time.

Don’t be worrying by yourself. Use this blog to find out information- I found it extremely reassuring during a very dark time.

Your story sounds just like Mine, im 28. First smear at 21 all clear. Second 25 all clear and then 3rd one abnormal, severe dskyarosis. I had my colposcopy appointment 6 days after I found out the results. This was last week and also had lletz treatment same day. She confirmed cin3. That's all I know.

now it's just a waiting game. I find being on here helpful and we all know what each are going through. Just hearing the c word scares me to death but I know this is why we have smears so they can catch things early and treat accordingly! 


i am really struggling during this waiting time for the colposcopy I have booked for friday. I am petrified, but trying so so hard to remain optimistic. 

i had a normal smear 3 years ago and low grade- some moderate dysk on this one that was taken early June. I am just praying to God and trying to take on board the positive stories I am reading on here too. 

I cant help but worry that it's going to be a whole lot worse when i go for the colposcopy - I am dreading what they may find.

any advice on how to get through these few days of waiting to know more At the colposcopy ? the stress and worry is becoming unbearable :( :( 


abnormal smear - moderate dysk - 1st June 16

Hi Zoe. I had to wait 6 days for mine and if felt like 6 years. Just need to keep yourself busy. To be honest you dont find out much at the colposcopy, it's the waiting after that if they take a biopsy, or do lletz. I had lletz and been told a 4 week wait for results! Grrr. Now 6 days seems like nothing! Keep strong xx

It's an extremely worrying time. I was an absolute mess but like the other lady said- keep yourself busy. The first step to getting the "all clear" is going for the smear, so you're half way there already! Talk to other people as well. I found once I started talking about it, I realised that a lot of my friends had been through the same thing. That helped me a lot. 

Good luck for the appointment- just try to relax as well.