An update - not all good news

Hiya ladies

I just thought I would give you an update, I’m also looking for some advice or support from anyone that has had a similar experience.

For anyone that doesn’t know me I was diagnosed 2b in January and was given the all clear after 5 chemo, 28 radio, 1 brachytherapy then 11 more radio. I’ve had no other cause for concern other than the usual back and hip aches that I know most people experience.

I went for my year after treatment scan and i was called in earlier than my scheduled appointment to discuss the results. This made me already expect bad news.

There has been a lump/mass found on my right pelvic wall. My consultant estimates around 3cm. He could say for definite what it was so a PET scan has been requested. He asked if I had any leg pain, bleeding, discharge, weight loss. All was a no, he seemed surprised that I didn’t have any symptoms.

He said he was 50-50 that the cancer has returned.

He believes that it is a lymph node that hasn’t responded to treatment. If it is cancer he said my options are specialist surgery to have this lump removed. If surgery isn’t possible I will be on the chemo cocktail for as long as my body can take it.

I’m still very confused by all this as I don’t have anything that would indicate any side effects or symptoms of re occurrence.

The only thing I’m clinging onto is that just after my scan I got a water infection, could a lympnode be enlarged due to that? Could it actually be nothing?

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx

Hi Laura:

What a pain in the ass.

You may have some kind of virus causing the node to swell up, but I guess it's as well to double check with a scan. I would have thought you'd have some symptoms if it was something nasty.

Good luck with the PET scan and keep us posted.

love t xx

Thanks T, 

i dont know if I'm being naive telling myself it's probably nothing. I have no symptoms what so ever. 

this whole year my consultant has always out my mind at rest by saying you would know if it's back. What if I don't know! Head is all over the place! X

Sorry to hear this, hope your scan shows some good news.  Try not to worry untill you know what you are dealing with.  I know this is easy to say but very hard to do.  Keep us infomed



Hi Laura

Thinking of you. I hope you get the scan and results as soon as possible. I know the waiting period is just awful.

Cara xxx

Hi there 

I am sorry you are going through this worry all over again. 

hopefully you get that PET scan as soon as possible and can find out exactly what is going on. We are all here for you to rant or cry. 

big hugs 

Hey lolzleypezz

i am so sorry you have this worry all over again , I have been through it and I'm a recurrent cervical cancer survivor , the waiting for tests & results all over again is a very anxious one to say the least  ,  please try to think of all the positives like you have no symptoms ,  i think it's natural having already been through this we may automatically jump to worst case situation , nothing I can say will take away your worries , take one day at a time ,take from and  keep thinking about all of the positives and like Teresa says it could be something else causing the node to show up , keep going as you have been since finishing treatment, get your results and then go from there , were all praying those pet results are good results .  

Take care 

greeni xx 

Thanks for all your kind words. 

Im being my usual self and carrying on as normal. I have not been googling either! Well I tried and found nothing haha!! 

In all fairness I thought I would have had a scan by now, im hoping it's early next week. 


Oh Im so sorry you are going through waiting for results again. 

please let us know how your scan goes. We are all here for you. Will be thinking of you and really hoping that it is nothing!

hugs xx

Thinking of you xxx

Hi Laura, so sorry you have to go through all this worry again. Stay strong and be as optimistic as you possibly can. Do let us know how you get on. Big hugs. X

Please update us as soon as you know something.

Hey all

I had my PET scan last Friday, I've had a call from the hospital today to arrange my appointment for results which is on Tuesday. 

so got a while to wait for results though!!

Hi Lozleypezz, 

Sorry to hear you have to have an anxious wait for scan results. I have absolutely everything crossed that the results will be positive & you will be telling us all it's a virus or something less sinister causing all the trouble.

I hope you can keep busy till Tuesday but we all know the wait for results is hard, you are doing so well my lovely.

Sending you a big hug,

Flo xx


Hey hon

thanks for letting us know. The wait is awful but you've got all of us waiting with you! 

As Flo said, I've also got everything crossed that it is nothing. 

Will be thinking of you 


Rosie xx