An inadequate result for first 6 month check following leetz

Inadequate result after 6 month check for cin2
hi everyone . I have posted this under colposcope too but realised it probably had a better place here.

Well I thought this would all be it
And I would have the result I wanted. Following a leetz treatment in September for cin2 I was unable to be given the clear margin result because the machine at the hospital malfunctioned, however I was discharged and told to go for my 6 month check in feb to which I did last week. Result came in today and opened the letter to find the sample they got was inadequate and to go back in 3 months!!! Apparently you can’t repeat a smear before 3 months as the lining of cells will not be there and need time to regrow?? If I get another one before then it will probably be inadequate. So here is another 3 months of waiting! Just so frustrated ! Anyone else had this problem before? Thanks x



I had the same problem.  Everyone takes a different time to heal and without enough new cells there is not enough to sample.  You have to be patient, I'm in a similar position at the moment.  Its rubbish but the only thing I can suggest is try to keep busy and occupied...keep yourself distracted until the next test.  I hope it all works out for you on the next test, best wishes.