An emotional wreck counting down to my Hysterectomy

Im 37 and I was diagnosed with CC Stage 1A1 on 24 Nov 2015 after my Cone Biopsy which showed no clear borders.

Prior to the diagnosis I have been experiencing Menopausal symptoms, really bad hot flushes, raging tempers. I am thus very sad that they will be doing a full Hysterectomy removing together my ovaries and tubes on 11 Jan 2016 . I am a mom to 8 and 6 year old girls btw.

Initially I was quite ok receiving the news, but as the year comes to an end, Im becoming more of an emotional wreck.

I couldnt find any support groups in Asia, where Im from. Thus Im seeking solace and help here. ;’’(

Hi Ine and welcome to the forum, though I am sorry that you have needed to find us here. I am very surprised to hear that you were experiencing menopausal symptoms so young. Have you been told whether or not you will be allowed HRT after your hysterectomy? It seems that some of us are allowed it and some are not. I guess that depends on what particular kind of cervical cancer you have. Anyway, I was not allowed HRT but I just wanted to let you know that in my case at least, having had my ovaries removed seems to have meant that my menopause was hard and fast and the worst of it over relatively quickly.


Be lucky :-)

So sorry your having to go through all of this.
I didn't have my ovaries out, but I can say the surgery itself isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and after a few mildly uncomfortable days I feel much better 8 days on. I asked my consultant why they needed to do such a drastic measure for what I thought didn't seem neccessary. He assured me it was only a preventative thing and that he wanted me to live a long happy life with my family. It really put my mind at reast. After all this, we can move on with our lives, and have a great start to the New Year being cancer free. 
I hope the suregery goes well 


Hi Ine, Smiles to you :)

I'm 30 days post op full hysterectomy with ovaries taken as well.

Everyone is so different and I really hope you have a easy time of it. I cant lie- I found the hole thing horrible BUT totally Do-able and I got through it!!! I was so worried that I would not feel the same old me afterwards but I do :). I felt sad that I was going through this and losing my ovaries was a big deal for me. But now it's all okay and I'm fine with it and its saved my life in the long run.

All I can suggest to you is rest afterwards, always be kind to your self and take things easy. While you are recovering watch movies or read a great book, shop online and sleep inbetween times. Try and enjoy the "down time"

I have only had a few hot flushes afterwards and nothing more. Every day I feel a bit better as I recover from the operation. it's just been slowly, slowly for me, day by day. 

I'm sorry you are going through this and having such a bad time with hot flushes and bad tempers along with the worry of your up and coming operation but I do hope things go well for you and YES after this it will be a New Year and you will be cancer free and can move on with your life and happy times ahead.

Best wishes xox