Ambiguous letter with colposcopy and biopsy results

Hi all,

I had my colposcopy and loop procedure 5 weeks ago after high-abnormal result on Pap smear.

Today I got this letter: 

"The specimen taken from the neck of your womb (cervix), when you were seen in the colposcopy clinic recently has been analysed and needs further discussion with our multidisciplinary team to decide on the best management.

There is no reason for concern, this is routine practice.

The meetings take place every 4 to 6 weeks. After your case has been discussed, we will contact you with the outcome."

When I called the hospital they told me it's nothing to worry about, it's a routine procedure.

Has enybody else got a letter like this from NHS?

Shouldnt I have received the actual results - CIN1, CIN2...

What was in your letter?

Thank you



Hello Christina, 


my result report said Cin 3.  Clear margins.

hope all goes well for you 



Hi Cristina,

I honestly don't think it will be anything to worry about. Sometimes they refer cases to multidisciplinary meetings to ensure they're taking the correct course of action - for instance they may be unsure as to whether you got clear enough margins so they referred it to a meeting to discuss whether you should get further treatment or if they should just see you in 6 months time.

My case was referred to a multidisciplinary meeting because my Lletz showed that I'd had CGIN as well as CIN3, both removed with clear margins. They decided that I would just need another smear in 6 months time, but apparently it's protocol that all CGIN cases be referred.

I know how hard it can be waiting for the post every day, and it must be frustrating when they haven't explained what's happening. If you're still worried, I would call the hospital back and request the results of your Loop biopsy - at least then it might put your mind to ease :-)



I've had the exact same letter on the 17th Ocotber still not heard anything

Thank you all.

I’m still waiting for the results, they said I will get them by the end of this month. I asked for the results but they woudnt give it to me, called Several times, they said this is protocol, nothing to be worried about. 

I have private insurance which in retrospect I should have used for the procedure as well. I made an appointment for the end of the month with a gynaecologist as I recently had a scan (for which I was referred by my GP before I got the Pap smear results) that says I still have the cervix cyst. This is what I initially went to the GP for, as I got pain and bleeding after sex. During the loop procedure they told me the cyst was resolved as well, but the scan says no. When I called the hospital to tell them the cyst is still there, they first told me it’s not possible, wait for a doctor to interpret the results, don’t listen to the technician that took the scan, and after it was confirmed they said go to a gyn.

I would recommend going private if you have doubts about nhs care.

I have just received the same letter. 

i had a smear in July, then a letter saying I had the highest severity of change (severe dyskariosi) and I had a colposcopy with a LLETZ and now 4 weeks to the day later I got this, and still no CIN rating. My only rational thought is, if it’s serious I would have had a call and be in within 2 weeks. 

Concerned obviously, but this is reassuring right?