Amazing women!

Hi all I've never written anything on anything like this before so I'm not even sure anyone can see it! I'm not 25 yet but received my smear invite about 2 months ago. I had a smear just before Christmas and was really pleased that I had gone. I have loads of friends who avoid going, and I was only thankful that I did. Results came back abnormal, CIN3 last week. Terrified is not the word. My GP surgery were so helpful, chased my referral and had a DR ring me to explain, after receiving the very insensitive letter... And then a nurse the following day when I had another panic!! I rang the colposcopy unit at my local hospital everyday and I think they got so sick of me they booked me in this evening after someone cancelled an appointment. I had the LLETZ treatment at the colposcopy and they took a biopsy- which Is nothing to worry about and only 10 minutes of being uncomfortable! The nurse was lovely, and said she expected everything to be fine, she was confident that they had got everything and that the cells were 'only' pre cancerous. 4-6 weeks to wait for the biopsy results- I think she knew that I wouldn't be satisfied with this, seeing as I've rang them everyday! And said to ring her after three weeks. I'm still terrified of these results, the wait really is horrendous. I'm a panicking mess! I have looked on here since receiving my letter, when all these new scary words and thoughts were introduced to my life. Each time I have been amazed by the support, reassurance, selflessness and kind words that are shared between you amazing people. I have encouraged two of my avoidant friends to book their smear tests, have donated to Jo's trust and ordered some posters and leaflets. Thank you all for continuing to help others by posting what you do on here, it's invaluable. I am now committed to spreading the word! Much love, Sam x

WOW! Sam, you're a wonderful woman! Well done for persuading your friends to go and have their smear tests, and thank you so much for donating to support Jo's. Getting the message out there is just SO important. I'm really pleased that your local people sound like some of the nicest, kindest, most thoughtful I have heard about, so please tell them how much they are appreciated as well :-)




Ditto Sam,

I would be a wreck without Jo's at the moment!



Hi Sam,

I agree reading the stories of the brave ladies on this site has really helped me through my worst times of worry. It is very special that women can reach out and help each other  even when they are strangers.

The bravery of the ladies on here keeps me focused and gives me courage.

I think when women become so worried as they feel alone, we just expect our smear to be "normal" talking to others who have been through similar really helps.

I have been worrying myself into a illness over my recent tests and my xmas was over shadowed by worry andI understand it is so hard to focus on anything when it is always at the front of our throughts. Like my Dr said whatever happens i need to remeber the whole idea of smears is to catch these cells quick so they can get rid of them CIN is treatable :)

I know women who put of their smears and have all booked in since my result.

I find Reiki healing a good way of relaxing as it calms my anxiety and worry, maybe listen to relaxing music and drift away in your mind to a lovely warm beach or somewhere tranquil.

I have found coping with the emotional side of this the worst part so you are not alone. I wrote on here for the first time last night too.

Sending positive and happy thoughts

Jill x



8th Dec 2014 Smear High grade/Sever dyskaryosis

22nd Dec 2014 Coloscopy - Nurse explained smear result said possible cc but said she would know more when she looked at me during colospcopy (very anxious times)

 4 punch biopsys and endometrial pipline biopsy -  Told at coloscopy small area, not of major concern from what the nurse could see

30th Dec 2014  call from hospital confirmed CIN 2 on punch biopsy, pipline biopsy clear

20th Jan 2015 booked for Loop LA (hoping for all clear after this) :)





Good luck Suzy, when i had a call to say i hade "severe or high grade" cells i just about had a panic attack, turns out CIN2/CIN3 which are the "severe or high grade" cells are quite common to have and treatable :)

I am going for leep next week with LA and i am terrified i didn't have LA during womb/punch biopsy. I hope its nowhere near as painful as i am expecting... saying that even if it is, it is a small price to pay to get rid of these cells :)





Hi Jill,

What a nice post!

I honestly didn't find LLETZ that bad. I found the vinegar staining during colposcopy worse. The after effects of bleeding and feeling a bit rough are not great, but worth it to be rid of the nasties! It's the waiting bit which is the hardest bit, but I am sure you are familiar with that from your biopsy. Just had a missed call from a witheld number, got my heart beating big time! No idea who it was...

The Jo's ladies are all lovely, and so helpful despite whatever they may be going through. nice to find people who understand x

Hi Sam,

Thankyou and well done for spreading the word.

All the best

Becky x

Thanks for sharing your experience with me i hope it will be ok and this time next week it will be over :-) i hope you hear soon i bet the call was just a PPI caller ... times like these it is enough to send us over the edge! I was a nervous wreck ovwr christmas waiting on results. Hope you hear very soon xx

I agree, there are so many strong women on here. Since I had my abnormal smear I have went through so many emotions, scared myself silly and generally felt a bit down. Seeing what other women are going through makes me want to be stringer for myself and those around me. It's a scary and sometimes long journey but it's lovely to see such a helpful and friendly community. You are all amazing x

Hi Sam

im 28 and awaiting a colposcopy after also receiving an insenstive letter and hassling my GP haha. they found low grade dyskariosis (CIN1) and HPV on my smear. Really bricking it! I really hope your results are good, if you need a chat feel free to send me a message as we are of similar age and dealing with the same thing! Take care xxx


You will be fine- low grade stuff usually rectifies itself. You have no reason to be scared!!! Easier said that done I know- all of this scary stuff is introduced to your life within such a short space of time! I’m just taking it one day at at time- one more day down!!!

Thank you so much