Am I wrong to be excited

Hi everyone

So I am due to have my radical hysterectomy a week on thursday and I cannot wait, although I am feeling a little apprehensive.  Im not really quite sure what to expect on the day just keep thinking I will be going into hospital with cancer and coming home without it........

Any tips????




Hello :slight_smile:

I was exactly the same! I practically ran into the hospital on my surgery day… My family thought i was crazy!

I had different surgery to you so I’m not sure on what will be the same etc.

I was admitted at 7:30am but didn’t actually go down until 1:30pm… We all got to sit in a room and just wait!! … I can honestly say the worst part was that I was hungry!!

My op took about 7 hours and when I came round I was hooked up to morphine - amazing stuff.
I was quite lucky in that I didn’t experience much pain!
When you come round there will be lots of tubes… I has my catheter, a drain for my lymph fluid and my morphine… These all were taken away each day before I could go home… I was in for 5 days all together.

Have you been given a list of what to pack and take in with you?

My advice would be to just be honest with all the nurses… If you’re in pain or struggling let them know and don’t try to be brave! They’re there to help you :slight_smile:

I’m sure one of the other ladies that have had a hysterectomy will come along and give there advice… I didn’t want to read and run!

Take care

Em xx

Thanks for the reply Em, How are you feeling now?  I am hoping to be up and about asap, I hate sitting around, I know I have to take it easy but I am determined that I will be back at uni by the end of September for my theory block.

Em x

I’m feeling really good! 4 weeks post op today. I’m due to go back to work on the 26th and I think I’ll be ok to do so!
The more you shuffle around afterwards the better it is for you but don’t over do it!!! Listen to your body and take it easy! :slight_smile: I know it’s easier said than done!!

Take care :slight_smile: