am I waiting for results after LLETZ??

Hi everyone, I am hoping you can give me a bit of advice. I very stupidly ignored the lettes for my smear tests for 7 years. when i finally had my smear in March 2012, it showed abnornal cells. I waited 4 MONTHS for my appointment for a colposcopy. the doctor didn't seem overly worried and said that i might just need to come back in 6 months for another check up but he took a biopsy just in case. I waited 9 weeks before i rang the hospital back, which got me nowhere. miraculously i received an appointment letter the following week. The appointment was for another 4 weeks away. The same doctor told me that the biopsy had come back worse than previoulsy expected (he did not tell me the severity of it or explain what it all meant) and that i would need the LLETZ procedure. He booked me into the theatre for the following week. When i went to the hospital the following week, I found out that i had CIN 3. The doctor removed the cells under LA. I was told a few does and don't and that he would see me again in 6 months. he didn't mention anything about results from the procedure and i'm not sure if i should be waiting for results as there seems to be a total lack of interest and support from him in General. Can anyone please advise?? :(

Thanks Rosehip,

I will check the notes they gave me when i left to see if there is a number to contact. I’m probably adding 2+2 and getting 5 so it would make sense to call and ask them. i think my main concern was that I left it so long between smear, which i shall not do again!

Thanks again

Hey Orla, how long ago did you have the lletz? I would contact them to see when results would be back. Just for piece of mind that they got it all. I see you are from Belfast, i am from Newry :slight_smile:


Hi Sheila. enjoying our lovely weather :frowning:
i had the lletz done on the 8th October. The consultant gave me a sheet of paper with very little information on it and sent me home. it’s only after reading ppl’s stories on here that I’m wondering if i should be waiting on results. I will call them when i get home from work today to put my mind at rest.

I was told i would get a letter in 3-4 weeks to state if they got it all and if there was clear margins. I cant believe the waiting you had to do between appointments. I had to wait 3 weeks after smear results for my colp and i was going off my head lol xxxx

I know lol!! that’s our wonderful NHS for ya.

let me know how you get on when you call xxx

will do.


hey Orla did you call them? xx