am i the only one

Am so sorry because i keep posting but i just cant rest i have been reading post from people and its so so how worried people are and what there going through.. good luck to all of you.. the massive worry i have is that people seem to have treatment as they have there colposcopy and i did not they were so reluctant to give me any information at all i feel sick with worry they did tell me my whole cervic were covered with white patchy cells took 6-7 biopsys and another doctor in to look as well also mentioned carsanoma in situ but that was to each other... its just when i got home i was looking at some web sites and recognised the word....


Please some advise of anybody who has been through the same thing 


Thank you all 



Hi Joni

Please dont worry about how many times you post ..... there are so many of us that have been where you are and we all understandxx

Like you I didnt have any treatment at my colposcopy, and came away with very little information.   My biopsies were done  on the 9th of Dec and because I felt the consultant I saw was so bad (I have posted about my experience somewhere before) that I refused to return to her.  However, I did have an appointment the following Monday with another consultant and they rushed through my biopsies and the results were available.  From there it was an MRI and my case going to the MDT meeting, resulting in me getting the results on Xmas eve.  This was all very quick,  and others have had a slower process than I had.  Mine was helped by the Xmas holidays and the consultant going away ....... 

It really is a tough time - I found this part the hardest because there were no facts to understand - just a whole world of possibilities.   Once you know what you are facing things do become easier

Good luck - and one peice of advice ..... stay away from Uncle Google .... ask your questions on here xx

If you have any questions, ask away ......

Thank you it is very helpfull when reading other post... you are correct about google i feel i am spending to much time looking for answers on there and getting know where fast... i hate not knowing i just feel i would cope better just having the answers then i know what am dealing with..


Did you ask to see someone else?? am wondering if i should do the same,,, she just had know time to exsplain anything even when i ask questions she and the other doctor just kept saying you will have to wait on the results ... i found them to be very cold..


Thank you very much for your reply i hope all is good with yourself 




I really feel for you because you are exactly where I was and it was horrible,   I was lucky because I had private cover so switched immediately.   I would say that the private fees were a lot less than l thought they would be and would recommend it.  If you can't do that,  then ask at the hospital to change drs.  I think it's really important that you feel comfortable with the Dr and can ask them anything.   You are about to go through a very stressful time  and you need to feel you and the Dr are working together to beat this.

Good luck with everything..... one year on and im planning the rest of my life xx

I think it might be something I will look into… am pleased to hear your doing well x thankyou for your reply am going to try and give it another couple of days if I can… am sure I will be posting so more I think it helps talking to people who know what we are all going through xx best of luck to you. Xxx. Joni x

Hi Joni,

I don't have very much to add to what Tracey has already told you, just a couple of points. First, it is essential that you have a comfortable working relationship with your consultant so definitely ask to switch if yours doesn't lighten up. Second, my cervix was in a much worse state than yours when I was first examined and here I am three years later as fit and strong as an ox.

Carcinoma in situ means that the cells have become cancerous but they haven't spread. Your doctors will be waiting for the results of the biopsies to come back from the lab so that they know precisely what your situation is and then they will come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual circumstances. It's a very worrying time I know but they have found it and they are working on it and they will get back to you with a resolution just as quickly as they can.

Post here as often as you like :-)

Be lucky


Thank you so much for your response, All the information is really helpful, and helps not to feel so alone... Am very pleased you are much better now Tivoli x Its so difficult waiting i think am finding that the hardest''' I called the doctor this morning just my local GP who didnt even know i had had a colposcopy ???? Is this normal? 

She has ask i go in tomorow so she can examan me as i feel the cramps are really bad I have no bleeding now 4 days after biopsy but feels like (soory to be graphic ) something is stuck below she did say the whomb can become inflamed..? 

When the docs spoke at the colposcopy and said about Carcinoma in situ is it common for the just to talk to each other and not talk to me about it... as i just picked up on them talking she said take six as it look like carcinoma... 


Again thank you all very much it really helps talking to you all 


good luck to all xxx

Hi Joni,

The people at your colposcopy who were talking about you in front of you but not to you were downright rude, and in my opinion, rather unprofessional. Your GP sounds like a much nicer person. I hope I have caught you in time to suggest that you ask your GP gazillions of questions and tell her about the people at the colposcopy, she might be able to shake a stick at them :-)

Be lucky



Hi Tivoli,


I have been doctors and she was great she talked me through everything and also went into detail about next steps.. she had said that with the doctors who done colposcopy had been rude by not talking me which they should of... she said it sounds like carsenoma may be there and doing the biopsy that will give them the information they need to let them know if it has spread... as she said they dont normaly say carsenoma unless they have seen something that looks like it... in a way it puts my mind a rest a small amount,,, !!! Also she thinks because there was no treatment at the time that the results will be sent to my gyno Mr wood for when he holds his weekly meetings to decide what treatments best for me and then a letter will be sent to myself with results and the next course of action... your correct i asked lots of questions and she spent alot of time with me even drawing pics for me to understand thank you all for the advise it helps so much xxx


I am so pleased to hear what a lovely, helpful GP you have.

Be lucky