Am I overthinking? (children mentioned)

Hi everyone,


Just after your thoughts/advice from previous experiences..a couple of years back at my first smear appointment, I was called for colposcopy as there were abnormal cells present. The biopsy taken showed more abnormal cells so a larger biopsy was taken to remove them and came back clear.


I've since had a clear smear. I gave birth to my daughter 3.5 months ago now and have not stopped bleeding (on and off) since. Originally I put this down to the birth but I went to the doctor earlier this week who took some swabs for infection and looked at my cervix. The results showed no infection but she said she can see a raised red lump on my cervix. She said this may be down to previous work on my cervix (as above) but she has spoken to the lead smear nurse at the surgery and she doesn't think it's related. I've been sent for another colposcopy. I've arranged this via my private health for this Saturday and it has not left my mind since.


When something similar happened a couple of years ago, I didn't give it a second thought. Now I have my daughter, the thought that this could be cancer is making me sick with worry.


A few weeks back I also had aching sides which I put down to kidneys as I had had a urine infection.


 Has anyone else had symptoms of bleeding/something found on their cervix which turned out to be nothing? Am I overthinking??

Try not to worry they say your cervix changes  during  pregnancy due to hormones, the raised bump could be old scar tissue, birth is pretty traumatic for our poor lady parts, if your smear was clear don't think bad appentley it takes a while for any cells to change as you've had a clear smear. Be positive, I bleed for 4 months after my little boy but everything was fine but I did get a womb infection chin up Hun everyone here will support you :) 

I understand it's worse now you have kids. I had a colposcopy 11 yrs ago. Now called back for another. Feel so worried as it's in a more place in the cervix. All can think is off my kids and husband. Have to wait 6 weeks for results. It's been 4 hours since test and that feels like a lifetime. Don't know how people cope while waiting.