Am I over reacting???

Hi ladies, 

I had a smear test at the beginning of the year was told it was moderate/mild cin 2 went for coloscopy had The Lletz treatment results came back high grade cin 3 removed it all. Had a 6month smear in August agonising 7/8 week wait to say I'm all clear. But now I've been bleeding again after sex its not spotting but like I'm on a period which I no for sure it's not TMI but it goes away after a while like 30 mins after (had the bleeding after sex before the cin 3) just wondering if it's came back but surely it's a bit early as it was only 2months ago I got the all clear Could it be my cervix is still a bit sore/fragile/healing???..would I be over reacting if I went back to the doctors to re-investigate?? I don't want to waste doctors time x. 

Hiya, sorry to hear that you are having problems. The cervix is a very delicate thing so it may be that you have an ectropion (like me) If you are still concerned I would definitely go back to your GP and discuss it with them 

Definitely go to your GP. I've pushed my treatment through as fast as possible!

I hope you get some answers.