Am I over reacting?

Just need some clarification, where do I start. For three years I bled constantly and had water & kidney infections repeatedly. Passed pillow to post gum clinics then docs. No infections which I new. Bled all through pregnancy aswell ! Finally old enough for smear aged 24. Mild abnormalities and HPV sent for coloscopy turned out to be servre abnormalities. Had treatment. Explained all my symptoms to doctor. Wasn't helpful at all wouldn't even tell me anything I had to read my notes my self. Had Lletz treatment, well forced to have Merina coil as doc refused to do Lletz without putting the merina could in. Obvs to cover the problem coz they can't be bothered to investigate my symptoms. Anyway went along with it. The merina coil made my bleeding worse ! And my results from Lletz came back CIN three. Had a horrible bleed three days after Lletz and I contacted the hospital but they wasn't Interested. Had the coil took out and changed to copper coil and things started getting back to normal and all symptoms of bleeding , pain water Infection etc had disappeared. So I presumed it was the abnormalities causing the problems though doctor said different and that they don't cause any symptoms. Had a follow up smear a year after. Well I attended clinic three times but refused to do it due to blood being present around cervix on three occasions. Finally got smear done. Told nurse I think I may have thrush  due to discharge and smell  she said no Infection present  and asked me why I thought I  I had thrush  Nurse  sais looks as though hasn't healed properly from Lletz  and looked concerned. Tbh the smear really hurt and I passed out. Sent for coloscopy due to HPV positive again. Results from coloscopy was mild abnormalities no mention of anything else other than they took rather a large amount from cervix previously  and to go back in a year's time. However I had a period that wasn't quite right the. Had watery discharge after wards. I had sex which wasn't rough or anything sorry to be crude. Loads of watery blood had come away and I'm still bleeding watery blood ! Pain which feels like my left ovary and always having weird pains in legs hips pelvis and back.  I'm positive they are missing something and it's driving me mad. Should I get a second opinion? Or am I over reacting?! 

I just keep thinking I'm being a hypochondriac lmao. But it's driving me insane. Thanks for replying xx

You know your body and if you feel something isn't quite right, I would demand a gynaecological referral. I hope you get some answers.