Am I ok to stop worrying?

I had my lletz for CIN 3 on 21st December. Still haven’t heard anything yet for results. Do you think I can stop worrying now and presume that no news is good news?

Going to give them to end of week and then ring to find out what’s going on.

Long time to be holding your breath eh?!

Anyone else’s have to wait this long for bad news before?


I had my colposcopy on the 21st December - no treatment but I had 2 biopsies. I still haven't heard back from them but my Doctor said if it had been anything worth really worrying about then he would've heard by now even if I hadnt! I spoke to him on Monday and he told me to not worry and no news should be good news! 

I'd try and stop worrying :) easier said than done I know! But if it was anything really bad they wouldn't let you wait this long.

Your results will probably come back with confirmed CIN 3 but they have got it all! I'd guess they would contact you sooner if it wasn't the case.

Charlene x

I'm suprised you still have not got your results. .I had mine on the 22st too and got my results exactly 4 weeks later....cin1,2 and 3

I guess no news is good news as the other lady said if it was anything serious they would not keep you waiting this long

Maybe try giving the hospital a ring to see if your results have been sent out as they can't give you results over the phone 

I know Sarah. Isn't it mad?! I think you're all right and no need is good news. Just a little small part of me thinks maybe they have lost my sample or forgotten I exist! You are right though. If don't hear tomorrow by time post arrives I'm gonna ring. Even just to have a good nights sleep!


thanks all

I gave in and phoned today! The receptionist couldn't give me my results but said that I was booked in for another appointment for cold coagulation in a few weeks and that the letter will explain more! I spoke to my GP and he said he hasnt had results yet but he probably will tomorrow as he thinks they must've been sent today. 

I am not too worried now that I know I am having something done!