am i normal

HI all 

i know this may sound silly and belive me when i say it does in my head , 

i was told that i had stage 3 cc way back in january of this year i finished treatment on 

the 2nd of may this year and on the 25 sep i was told that i had gone into remission which 

i am over the moon about .

but i cant get my head around that i am now in remission , when i was told i had cancer that was fine knew 

i had to fight and was saying thats one battle i will win which i have touch wood , 

so why do i feel like i do any advice on how to feel like normal were i have some get up and go would be

nice i,v spoke to my gp and all he says you have ptsd what is no help does anyone have any advice

from lorraine



first well done on your remission, that is a big sigh of relief, I'm sure

you seem to be feeling like a few ladies do on here recently, myself included, after all the treatment and energy/thought going into getting our physical self better, we now have time tothink over it all and realise what it's all about. Apparently very common!!! I thought I was doing ok and hadn't been affected too much by it all but now I realise I have been and am trying hard to keep myself positive.

i have been doing a sophrology session each week for past 5 wks and have 3 more. It's all positive thinking, visualizations, relaxation techniques and how to deal with problems like anxiety, depression and insomnia through various breathing, focusing activities. It's all quite powerful stuff! I hope to start a yoga/Pilates class next week too which will link well. All to not dwell on the negativity. Im trying not to dwell, realising things need to change in my life. It's all such a head mess at times!!!

what I'm trying to say is yes u r normal. This is all traumatic and now you have time to think about it all, u realise just what u've gone through. 

Perhaps seek out some classes for yourself- Eastern Traditions seem to have a good grasp on it all, meditation, tai chi, yoga, give it a go perhaps.

im sending you lots of good wishes and positive thoughts. Good luck sorting through it all xxx


Hi Lorraine,

firstly, congratulations on the remission, that is so lovely to hear about.

after all you have been through, I would say that feeling the way you describe is totally normal. Post traumatic stress is a natural response to big horrible things happening to us, and we need to work through that as part of the healing process. This is different to post traumatic stress disorder, which is what happens when people get stuck in that stressed state. That’s why its so good that you have recognised that things aren’t quite right and are looking to sort it out. good on you.

I found a course of counselling very helpful in working through the aftermath. I accessed that through the Maggie’s Centre at the hospital where I was treated, but I know that others have got similar support through other charities, their employers, GP or hospital. At Maggie’s I also did some relaxation sessions and joined in a course for people who gave been through treatment and we’re trying to navigate their next steps. It was called ‘Where Now’.

i think there is no shame in asking for some support while you try to process this stuff. Even if you have the most supportive friends and family in the world, it is hard for them to understand what it feels like to be at the eye of this storm and sometimes it’s such a relief to talk to someone who is a little more detached.

finally, back to the normal thing, I posted a link to an article about this stage of recovery some time ago. It’s called ‘After the Treatment Finishes - Then What?’ it’s quite long but please do read it (link below). Every patient I know who has read it says it sums up the experience really well.$FILE/article3.pdf

Good luck sweetheart x

Sorry about the funky codes and stuff in my reply - curse of the iPad.

Thanks for posting that rosehip. I haven't seen it before but it's brilliant! x