Am I losing the plot?!

Hi ladies. 

So back in May, after surgery to remove VAIN3 I had a follow up smear test. This came back showing CIN3 (?) invasion.. 

Due to previous squamous cell carcinoma of the vaginal wall I had an MRI and more biopsies of the cervix. Thankfully all results were clear.

however, I feel that further investigations should b done to determine where this smear result came from? I am thinking, that despite previous vaginal surgery- the abnormality is obviously still in the vagina? 

While I realise whatever is lurking must b early disease, I don't feel my medical team are in much of a hurry to move things along and get to the bottom of it?


Am I being silly and should I just stop stressing?


How are you getting on?


Hey 365,

I got in touch with the contact you suggested via email. She seemed lovely but not anymore in the know that what I know already.. I have my app through to see the gynae specialist in September so that's good. I'll be going armed with 101 questions and won't be leaving that room until they're answered!

Hiya Nemo, 

Hows it all going? Sounds like you've been having a bit of a time.  My VAIN is still with me and my consultant now scratching his head. 

Let me know how you are xx