Am I just being over dramatic?

Had my colposcopy just over 2 weeks now. And yes I know I had to wait 3 weeks for results. But a week later when I could actually speak to a nurse about some concerns, she said she would have the results by yesterday. But also said ph the previous Friday as sometimes they have them early. I didn’t want to be to pushy so left phoning till yesterday. Anyway no answer alday so left a voice mail. This morning I missed a call from the nurse, as was working. When I got home I phoned again, unfortunately she’s been busy alday. I’ve been getting more and more stressed by the minute not knowing what’s happening. I just want to know if 1, I’m fine and I’m panicking for no reason. Or 2 what treatment I need.
So by late this afternoon I phoned my gps . They have had an email that my results have gone to the consultant. She said to phone his secretary. I told her I’ve been trying to contact the nurse from the colposcopy clinic. She said know speak to his secretary. So once again I try to call the nurse but still in clinic. The receptionist was so rude to me. I ended up appologising for being worried out of my brain. She said the the nurse has it in her dairy and will ph at the end of the day. Nothing.
Should I be concerned it’s gone to the consultant or is this just normal?
Just want a normal day.