am I goin mad

Latley I have been suffering from really bad back pain has become a lot worse since xmas I have also suffered with spotting bleeds and tummy bladder and bowel pain/trouble im post op aug13 and was doing ok until December time I thinkam I going mad or is this common I have no ingections feel abit lost


Hi moleys girl 13, I had a total hysterectomy 4 years ago & I went through loads of changes for a couple of years after my operation, the back pain may be because you havn't had much exercise since the op plus your muscles will be very weak for quite a while, it is a massive thing to go through, plus the bladder & bowel have had quite a bit of poking about & will be irritable for bit of a time. It is  still very early days, do a little exercise but not too much, be patient & your body will eventually heal, my 80 year old mum also had a hysterectomy same year as me & got over it much better than I did, we are all different, speak to the specialist nurse at your hospital, you should have been given her phone number, she is there for you & will call you back if she is unavailable when you call, you should also be due for an assessment soon talk to the consultant, they will put your mind at ease. Good luck.

Thank u for your advice