Am I being ridiculous?

Hello, everyone!

If anyone has read any of my last few posts then you know I’m due to have my LEEP procedure towards the end of next week under general anesthesia. It’s not due to any particular reason other than this is just how my gyno prefers to do it as he says it’s more comfortable for the patient.

However, as someone who has never had anesthesia before I am quite nervous about it. Especially since majority of people do just have local anesthetic and are obviously fine and claim to feel no pain, maybe are just uncomfortable. He said it was a 10 minute procedure, very quick. So I’m unsure why we can’t just do it with local?! I asked him if we could, he looked hesitant and said he really thinks everyone is better off being asleep so you aren’t as nervous. Except in my case it makes me more nervous! Lol

My fear is probably a bit irrational, as I’m afraid I won’t ever wake up or will have some bizarre rare reaction that will harm me :see_no_evil: I’m a hypochondriac and have health anxiety so I know when I verbalize this people think I’m being silly and claim that it truly is no big deal. Am
I being ridiculous? Is it really no big deal? I think my family is tuckered out listening to me say how nervous I am that something could happen to me.

Maybe I just needed to come on here and vent. Sorry yall :confused:

Hello! First of all no, you’re not bring ridiculous. This is a stressful, worrying experience and you’ve never been under anaesthesia before so I understand why you feel like this. I find it unusual that your Dr is hesitant to do it under local, as many LLETZ are done that way and it means less time in the hospital, less time off work recovering etc etc. So perhaps get a second opinion.

However, I would encourage you not to worry about having it done under general. I’ve had it done twice under general anaesthetic and I personally couldn’t possibly have it done any other way. Being fully aware of someone opening me up and putting a needle into my cervix then burning tissue away, is just… no. But that’s just me. The pros are, you’re not aware of such an unpleasant experience. You go in, are fully unaware of it going on, then a few minutes later you wake up. Anaesthesia is on the whole very safe and carried out by highly trained medical personnel who monitor you so closely and caringly. It probablu has higher risks if you have certain underlying medical issues and stuff like that but honestly I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

My main concern is that you are given the options YOU feel are right for you. If you want local, that should be the option given to you.

Thank you so so much for your response!

Im trying to be more realistic and remind myself general anesthesia is not dangerous and that odds are I will be fine. I am an extremely healthy woman with no health conditions to my knowledge, other than HPV :roll_eyes: lol

I have a friend who 6 months ago had cells removed via cold coagulation by her gyno (who was in his 80’s and recently retired thank God) and he did not even numb her. She said it was extremely painful but had no knowledge as to needing to be numbed or anything like that. She said if she had to do it over again she would like to be asleep for it as well! So I know it probably would be easier for me anxiety/nerve wise to not be awake during the actual procedure. I just need to calm myself down about it.

I have an appointment with my doctor Tuesday where I can ask any questions I may have about the procedure and anesthesia. Do you mind me asking how long you were asleep for? My doctor told me it only takes 8-10 to actually remove the cells. Just wondering how long I can expect to be out for?

Thank you again for responding and sharing your experience with me :slight_smile:

Hey there
I was in for a hysterectomy following cancerous cells and it was my first general anaesthetic. I have health anxiety and was PETRIFIED.
I just wanted to let you know that every part of it was better than I thought. So try not to worry, if I had to get it again I would be relaxed and that’s saying something for me!
Good luck x

Thank you for sharing! It seems to be the consensus that it’s definitely not something to be concerned about honestly! Which is comforting to hear, although I am still a bit nervous I am slowly coming around to the fact that it will all be okay :slight_smile: but as a fellow health anxiety sufferer, it means a lot that you shared that with me.

I actually went back and read some of your back story, I hope you are doing well :heart:


You’ll be OK. It’s normal to feel anxious. I had LLETZ under local and I’m going back for a second round under general (at the advice of the consultant). It was a short procedure the first time and not massively painful but personally I found it quite distressing. I’m not sad about the second one being under general even though I dislike that too.

I’ve had general once before when I had my gallbladder removed. I was terrified and cried all the time for like a week leading up to the surgery. I’m not a crier at all but I was shook. Honestly though while it is scary, the actual experience is like a slow blink. I was counting back from 10 and I think I got to 7 or 8 and then I blinked and I was in the recovery room.

I think for LLETZ you will not be out for long. But honestly, 15 minutes or 3 hours, it’ll still be just a blink and done.

Yea it really isn’t. I was such a state and even when I met the anaesthetist before the op I cried the whole time I spoke to her but she was very reassuring. When I’m theatre she said to me, it won’t be long and I’ll be giving you the medicine and unbeknown to me she had already done it and the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery.
Any my anxiety is horrendous.
Aw thank you so much! 4 weeks on Thursday since I got the op. Had a few small issues but nothing major and I am getting there bit by bit! Xx

Sorry you are having to have another procedure, but I do appreciate your response so very much. I had my preop appointment this morning and we went over everything regarding the procedure itself and I asked a few questions about anesthesia as well, but I know the morning of I can talk to the actual anesthesiologist with any other worries I have may. So I’m still a tad nervous but feeling some better than before. Every little bit helps.

It seems most people have the same response of counting down and only getting to 7 or 8 and the next thing they know they’re opening their eyes in recovery! So crazy to me how it all works but I’m trying to stay positive and know it’ll be okay!

Yes I’ve been anxious for the last few days knowing it’s coming up soon but trying to stay calm about it as I know I’m making a fuss simply because it’s a new experience for me.

It is reassuring that everyone so far has said how quickly it happens and next thing you know you’re awake!

So happy to hear you are doing well :heart: