am i being paranoid?



I had cin years ago and a second cin1 diagnosis after biopsy last year. I was told the area was next to\ on my vaginal wall. 


Had some discharge over last month (yellow, dosent smell.. Tmi!!), treated myself for thrush. Didnt go. Wemt to gp and swabs were clear... Still didnt go... Went to gum clinic and all ok.... Still with a slight red tinge. 


Im due to start fertility treatment in the next few weeks and will be on steroids which supresses the immune system. Im feeling very anxious as im concerned that ive obviously got sometging going on down below but dont know what. Doctors both thought i had thrush until it came back negative. Now at a loss.


My smear in march was clear... But tbh i dont trust them. #1 because i never got higher than borderline, my last cin 1 only got picked up because i had an hpv test as well. #2 my patch of cin 1 is\ was near the edge and not likely to be picked up.


Am i being daft? Dr just says wait and see if it goes.... Im not happy about that esp with the steroids starting soon.


What do you guys think? 





Hi Jess,

I don't think you're being paranoid at all -I'm the same and know how you feel. In the end I paid to go private - an appointment with a BUPA gyneochologist was £255 and although it's a lot of money for a 30 min appointment, it was totally worth it. I felt as though he examined me properly (more than a GP can do as he's a specialist in this field whereas a GP is not - he's had years of training in this department and it's his bread and butter), plus then he spotted things that hadn't ever been said to me in the past. He answered all my questions and explained things really well so I understood everything. He then recommended a further colposcopy and also a ultrasound scan for my lower ab pain, he was able to write me a referral for that on the NHS and I ended up hearing from them within a week.

I know it's a lot of money but it really helped me, pretty priceless really if you're looking for reassurance just to put your mind at rest.

Lucy xx

Thanks lucy. Im thinking of doing that. I have an appointment for an endometrial scratch next monday (part of the ivf process and i think im going to ask them to have alook. I honestly have no idea whats going on just know its not normal. Gp just shrugging shoulders does not sit well with me... My gynae history is far too complicated for me to be complacent. Did you get a referral from gp or were you able to sort out gynae dr yourself? 



HI Jess, I just rang Bupa and asked them for a BUPA-on-demand appointment for a gynae doctor and they booked me one for the next day. I'm in the north west so just said I'd go to any in the north west - whichever was the quickest so I went to one about 30 miles away but it was the next day. They do ask for a GP referal if you have one but if not don't worry - I took one in with me and the Doctor didn't even look at it (it was really basic and pretty much useless anyway), he would just rather ask me and wrote it all down instead.

The doctor was very good and he listened to my history intently, wrote down everything and also asked me loads of questions the GP never asks. He then examined me like you would in a normal smear, plus he did two further internal examinations too where he found tenderness in the uterus. He then suggested I have a scan and because it would have been extra (about £400 private to do it there and then - the scanner was in that room), he referred me to have it done on the NHS and I got an appointment a week later on his referral.

It may seem like a lot of money (£255) for a half hour appointment but it's put 5 years worth of confusion and worrying behind me, it was worth the money and the doctor was so knowledgeable and made sure I didn't leave without a 100% understanding of everything to come/my past.

I would recommend if you do it, write down your timeline of events on paper, include everything you can - even all the minor details as they all count. Write down as many questions as you have and also any extra points you can think of and never had answered. Just so you don't get in a muddle while you're there and leave annoyed that you've forgotten something.

Good luck and let me know how you get on :)

Lucy xxx