Am I being a hypochondriac??

So, for the past year or so I have been having pain in my lower back and lower pelvis. Its not constatant but it is daily and when it comes, wow, it takes my breath away and can last for a good hour or so at a time. it can be a very deep aching pain and also a stabbing pain at the same time. It feels like ovary pain if that makes sense. I know this site is for CC but im wondering has anybody been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer along the same time as CC? I have mentioned it to my doctor a while ago but he passed it off as IBS, like quite alot of doctors do. 

Now I have the CC diagnosis my mind is going into overdrive. I have my pre-op tomorrow, I am keeping my overies but would they be able to see if something was wrong with them when they do the hsyterectomy. I have many symptoms for OC but dont want people to think im being over dramantic about it all. Do I mention something tomorrow when I see the consultant?

Any advice greatly received!



Mention it. Your concern is valid and you deserve to have someone listen to you and take you seriously. Reporting the symptoms that you are experiencing is not hypochondriasis. When you go in for pre-op, be sure to reiterate those symptoms and ask the question you just asked here: When you are in there, will you be able to evaluate my ovaries? I'm sure you know that lower back and pelvic pain are also symptoms of cc.

By the way, I also have IBS and have had so many things attributed to it by medical professionals that I think I stopped paying attention to symptoms that actually were cc. In fact, I was just diagnosed with endocervical adenocarcinoma in situ and I've had a nagging pain around my right lower pelvis, ovarian or appendix location. Up till now, I had been passing that off as IBS too. Now I'm very concerned that it might be something else. I have my first oncology appointment on October 15.  

Bottom line: don't question yourself. You know your body better than anyone else. There is nothing wrong with discussing this with your doctors and if they don't want to discuss it with you, then think about seeing a new doctor once your surgery is all done. Do you have any additional follow-up like chemo or rad?

Take care and good luck!

Have you had a pelvic MRI? Think most people have one to determine staging. If there was anything unusual it would have shown up on this. I was stage 1b1 and my MRI showed up an ovarian cyst which was benign, plus of all things gallstones! 

It's really difficult not to imagine every possible worse scenario, we've all done that xxx


Good luck with your pre op tomorrow. 

I was going to ask if you had a pelvic MRI? I had one for staging etc. This should’ve highlighted and issues with your ovaries. Also when they go in to do your hysterectomy they’ll look at your ovaries while they’re there. They showed me photos they’d taken during my hysterectomy via the laparoscopic camera. Very interesting but highlights the fact they examine everything.

You’re not a hypochondriac, you’ve had a lot going on.


Hi ladies,

Thanks for the responses. I've been for my pre-op today and spoke to the consultant. She said she will have a look and see what's going on and if there is anything that she thinks could be causing the pain then will sort it and maybe remove the ovary. I haven't had any MRI done at all.. She said the paid could be coming from my scar tissue from being steralised too so who knows. Found it odd I haven't had an MRI for any staging even when they said the margins were unclear but i trust thier judgement so hopefully what they are doing is right and the pathology comes back NED. All booked and ready to go for Tuesay. Getting extremly nervous and worried about it all now. Seems very real after today, I think it's finally sunk it about what I'm actually going through. Had a good old cry in the car after coming out before going back to work.

Thank you for your support once again xx

Hello! I hope your recovery is going well & that your mind was put at rest (or as much as it can/could be). I'm seated right next to you on the 'I think I'm a hypochondriac bus' and it's not a fun bus either! I'm 20 months post radical hysterectomy (ovaries conserved) and bilateral lymphodectomy and still having a nagging pain in my lower left abdominal area. My consultant doesn't seem concerned but it doesn't stop it niggling away at me! I also have those sharp shooting and spasm pains deep in my vagina - they do not feel normal but my consultant never seems concerned about them. 
I find myself levitating back to Jo's forum when I'm having a wobble. The pain is particularly bad the last three days and my mind immediately jumps to a negative place- it upsets me & I too feel like a hypochondriac. It's rubbish! 
anyway, sorry to be a downer! I really hope you're doing ok? Xxxx