Am I being a Baby?!?

Hello Ladies,

OK, had my pelvic exam under GA today & I'm home now. He's had a good rummage & did a LLETZ and the tissue has been sent off & I get the results in 2 weeks precancerous or cc but whatever it is NOTHING had spread which is good. The problem is I have never had a baby nor ever had heavy periods but DO NOT READ IF SQUEAMISH - SORRY

Blood is pouring out, bright red with heavy clots like half a pound of liver is falling out at a time, the nurses said its normal but is it? Anyone else had this? I know you must think I'm a big baby as I know some of you are going through terrible things xxx sorry xxx

Hi Frankelsangel

I don't want to worry you on top of what you are going through but what you describe does sound a bit excessive. As you were under anaesthetic when they did the LLETZ they may not have told you how much they took or deep they went and I can only speak of my own experience. I think they usually cauterise any edges to stop the bleeding and so you don't usually get any volume of bleeding for a few days/ a week or so when the scab falls off. It may be the position that they had you in under GA has left a few clots in there and they have just come out as you have been moving around (perhaps you were flat rather than sitting upwards in the stirrups). If it doesn't slow down I would give a call to 111 as you may have an area which is still bleeding and needs sealing. Trust your gut here. You will get bleeding for a couple of weeks but mine was never worse than full flow period.

Big hugs to you, hope it slows up and you feel better, and of course that your results come back fast and clear



P.s. You are not being a baby: this is big girl scary stuff x x

Like above, my heaviest bleeding was no worse than a period And the majority of mine was discharge. I'd call 111 and get a second opinion if you are unsure. Like mentioned above - trust your instinct. Better to be safe x

I agree with the last two ladies, sounds like theyve not cauterised you properly to be honest. If you are bleeding through a big pad in an hour more than twice then you need to go to a&e. If it's not cauterised this can lead to you getting an infection too as the wound is exposed as such, plus then infections make you bleed worse. When you go to the doc or hospital you need to tell them you've had the lletz done and you believe you need to either be cauterised again or I think sometimes they do a "pack" or something that stops the bleeding. Stay away from asprin meds too as they thin your blood and leads to bleeding more. Like the first lady says trust your gut! You shouldn't really bleed until say days 7-10 ish. xx

Thank you so much ladies,

it seems to have slowed up over night. Bleeding like a normal period & no clots until around 9.30pm last night. Gonna keep my eye on it throughout the day xxx

Hey there,

I bled loads after my biopsies and lletz. I was so terrified as it had leaked through the sofa and was gushing out! It did however calm down and returned to normal bleeding then nothing. So yeah, sometimes it can be pretty drastic but as has been mentioned if it's soaking a pad in an hour then you need to get it checked at A+E.

Hope you recover quickly...after my lletz under GA I remember having a bit of an odd discharge but it cleared after a week or so.

Take it easy xx

Thanks Jo for responding. I'm doing ok ATM. Hope you're well sweetheart xxx

Hi, I just wanted to add that you are NOT being a baby - big girl scary stuff as Suzy so rightly says. And also, that this site is fine for TMI, the squeamish girls already left ;-)

Be lucky



Lol Tivoli!!

Had a shower & I'm bleeding again, bright red again! Pains down my hips & legs. Just sent Mum away I want to be on my own & not talk to anyone :(


Oh bless you! I hope you're feeling better by the time you see this.

Lots of love



Awww thanks Tivoli you're an Angel xxx