Am convinced I have cancer

I am 30 years old with to small boys. When I was 18 I had cin 1 then aged 22 had cin 2, both were removed. Since the age of 28 I have constant bleeding in between periods and after sex. Sex is so painful. I am on the contraceptive injection. I have servere lower back back wish travels down to my legs. Servere pelvic pain to the point I can’t get out of bed at times. I went drs last week and she said my cervix looks unhealthy what ever that meant. She swabbed me for infection which was negative so am waiting for colnoscopy. Am so stressed over the whole thing I can’t sleep. I felt my cervix and it felt very bumpy. My mum died of colon cancer aged 30, I don’t want to leave my children like she had to I can only feel the pain she would of felt. I don’t no what to do 

Hi Tracy, I'm sorry to hear you're so worried. When was your last smear and what was the result? Hopefully you'll be seen for colposcopy quickly. Sometimes hormonal contraceptives can cause cervical erosion which is like a raw patch on the cervix that will cause bleeding.