Always a worrier

I have been discharged from my gyno after clear colposcopy\ punch biopsies in Sept. My cervix have been examined 8 times since Sept due to my paranoia and are healthy (a nurse, gyno doc at colp, colp nurse and consultant)! A cervical erosion was cauterised due to spotting in July (i was convinced it wasn't the erosion causing the spotting) and i have been having discharge and back ache worse than ever in the last 3 weeks, which worried me a lot that something had been missed higher up over the years (clear smears in 2010 and 2013. My backache is being treated as a separate thing and i had an abdo and pelvic US for this, which my ovaries, uterus, kidneys and bladder are all normal. So i have some physio next month for my back. It tends to hurt lower left side, sometimes right across the bottom, travels a bit higher up and can sometimes effect my hips. Am i right in accepting that my gyno has covered everything? I haven't had a full blown period since July 4th (not pregnant) so i wonder if my lack of period is causing pain in back and I've also had menstrual cramps on and off for a week, yet no period. My gyno said to wait a bit longer and then go to doc for referral if i don't mensturate. Im not wanting a period to fall pregnant etc i just want some of the 'supposed" menstrual pain to ease by having a period, if that makes sense!

My doctor said after my Lletz I need to give it a minimum of 3 months for my body to be better and my periods to go back to normal. I'm not really in the same boat as you but I hopeni can help a bit. I totally understand thinking they've missed something but it sounds like you have been very well looked after xx 

I'm feeling very similar.


Had two smears in the last year - first borderline, but negative HPV and the second has just come back as normal.  I know I should probably just be relieved, but I am still experiencing excessive discharge and bad back/hip pain.  Convinced something is missed, but not sure what else to push for as clearly nothing is showing up on smears :(, but symptoms not going away or been linked to anything either :(.

I've been told my results letter is in the post but I think even if it's all good and back in 6 months I'm still going to worry about what they find in 6 months it's a constant worrying waiting game! Xx

Thanks girls x