Alternative routes/treatments/diets


Just started this journey. Just been diagnosed. Started with 2a, but now from mdt meeting they have upstaged it to 3c due to lymph node involvement (1 pelvis). 


I've met a person who has been terminally diagnosed 24ish months ago. He was given 18months to live. 

He has taken the alternative route and so far doing well. He has never had chemo/rads, eliminated dairy, carbs, sugar, meat and only organic fruit and veg, he takes loads of supplements Inc fenbendazole, meditates 3/4 times a day. 

Has anyone else tried this and succeeded? 

What are your views on this? 

I'm just wondering. 

My views are that these diets are incredibly hard to follow - I know with the best will in the world, I would veer off course. 

I'm just over 4 years post treatment for stage 4a. Thankfully I don't appear to have been left with any specific after effects that alter my way of life.

Whilst alternative treatments may feel like a fantastic option, especially when someone is out living their expectations,  I can only guess that there are more success stories for people who have gone through treatment than there are for people who are managing it through the alternative route.

You will most likely find that your treatment isn't as brutal as you think it's going to be and any after effects can hopefully be dealt with or managed.

One thing to remember is that you very rarely get success stories on the internet.  Most people, once they have the all clear and don't have any problems,  want to stay away from anything cancer related - they don't post because they want to forget about it and carry on with their lives as if nothing has happened.  

I hope you come to a decision that  you are happy with x

Phillipa, I'm going to have treatment. I need to live and get this little fxxxxx bxxxxxx cxxxxxx cancer out of my body. I have 3 children and a mum who has been severely brain damaged in the last 2 years to look after. I was just wondering and if there was anything else to run along side it/insurance for afterwards. 

The choice not to have the treatment isn't my choice to make. I have got to live and make sure I live. I'm petrified of the after results. But I'm 41 and I need to see the next 41 years in healthy. 

Hi Harvitt

How well do you know this person?  I have met someone who claimed that his mum's cancer was cured by their particular faith.  When I started digging and asked where the cancer was and what stage it was the answer was 'I don't know'.  I also met someone whose wife was spending a lot of money and time on treatments such as vitamin C injections for her breast cancer - he is now a youngish widower.  I met a third person who was adopting a low sugar approach for her breast cancer - when I said I was very interested to hear about her progress she was a bit waffly and said 'it's all out there'.  A fourth person I met was passionate about avoiding cow's milk for prevention of breast cancer- but that was after she had had conventional treatment.


Hi, please don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking about doing it. I'm, I suppose just scared, wanting a miracle cure, so frightened. I want to survive. I need to live. I need to fight. Every few days I have a very down day. Yesterday I got told my 2a has now gone to 3c as a safety thing as its in my pelvic lymph node. So my stage has gone down with my chance of survival. Its been the worst 3 weeks of my life. I have three young children and a mum who has been severely brain damaged by a cold sore (herpes simplex) to the brain 26 months ago. I've spent every day fighting for her as she had a 2/10 chance of survival, as the hospital she was in just left her with the wrong diagnosis and many other health problems. In the 26months I've met a very small handful of medics that listen, that trust and I believe in. I'm tired, I'm weak and I'm lost.



We can all totally empathize with you. We've all been there and we know just how hard it is.  My nephew sent me a message

"Your body can cope with anything,  it's your mind that you need to convince " and it's so true. Your mind is absolutely running away with you at the moment and it's hard not to let it.I for one felt so much better once treatment had started.  You have a focus and somewhere to be every day, saying that, I did still cry A LOT!.

I found the Facebook sites very negative and for me, the best site to be on was here. 

Do you have help with your mum and your kids? This is a time when you need support from people around you and it's time for you to put yourself first where possible. 

I used this time, between diagnosis and treatment starting, to try to build up my immune system. Lots of 'anti cancer' foods and walks in the fresh air. 

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure but the chemorads do work VERY well. I'm wondering whether you would benefit from something from your GP to help you deal with the stress. I wish I would have asked for something. Don't look too much into your staging, yes it does affect the statistics but the statistics are out of date. If the statistics were to be taken today, the people who had the treatment went through it 5 years ago - things change so much in that time. It also doesn't take into account people who don't go back to the hospital for whatever reason, perhaps they've moved abroad or something else. Everyone's cancer is different and will affect them in different ways. 

I'm rambling now - sorry.

I hope your treatment starts soon and we are always here if you need a rant x



Thank you so much. Your not rambling at all. Honestly. My husband isn't coping nor helping to help me either. He tells me to stop wollowing and if he had this he'd deal with it a lot better. The house is a total pig sty and it's causing me stress. The children are high energy and I can't deal with them on down days but they are left ferrial as my husband cant/won't deal with them. A few weeks ago when I got the "you have c cells in your biopsy he was so understanding and held me. Now... Nothing. I've come along way emotionally two weeks ago... But I do have down days. Today is a down day. I've slept, I've weeped and slept.  The gp wasn't much help tbh. To be honest I don't want antidepressants as I understand they make you feel worse before better and as I said it's not every day I feel like this. I'm exhausted from being so overwhelmed and scared. 

Hi Harvitt I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis and also all your worries about your family as well as your health. I have not been through your diagnosis but have been through the worry of caring for my Mum and being the 'sandwich' generation; looking after children & elderly relatives. You need help and support with your Mum and your family. My Mum had carers morning and evening to help with personal care. Have you tried contacting MacMillan to see if they can advise you on accessing support?  I understand you can access grants as well if finance is an issue. Could your husband pay for a cleaner for a short time to help you out at home? Do you have friends who could help and do their bit? The MacMillan helpline is open 8am to 8pm and may be able to advise you. Your Mum's GP may be able to advise you about social care for your Mum too. Try to take it one step at a time. 

Hi Harvitt,

Conventional treatment works. I would avoid all the speculation about diets and look at the research for yourself. A good database, accessible to all, is the database of Cochrane reviews where reviewers look at all the research on a topic and compile an overview which gives a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

I have survived two types of gynae cancer by staying knowledgeable and working together with my team. That's the best way to be successful and if you look at the statistics this is very doable.

Don't let anyone make money out of your predicament.

Karen x 

Well said Petesdragon/Karen! Could you possibly advise me? There is a discrepancy in my results & so I have to have a follow up colposcopy in June - I am 55 & will be 56 in April & so I know that my age means that I probably have a weaker immune system. I am not overweight & have never smoked & apart from high cholesterol & a stressful life am otherwise fit & well - I am glad the colposcopy team are closely monitoring me & given that my results seem less serious than they originally thought I know I am fortunate but I can't help wondering if there may still be something more sinister they may find - and if so I am assuming I will have another LLETZ - I have started / am in the process of sorting HRT as they think the menopause may have confused the issue but there seem to be so few people my age/ in my situation that it's driving me nuts wondering what's going on. I've had counselling for this but June seems so far away - apparently the menopause may be heightening my anxiety levels too so I'm sorting more oestrogen next week for this - have you ever met anyone with a similar discrepancy? I phoned my CNS the other day for advice as to which HRT/how much HRT was advisabable as the progesterone I'm on caused some spotting & what felt like a period - the practice nurse at my GP surgery said this was normal but what worries me is will I know if I get a post menopausal bleed if progesterone causes bleeding? I don't want to keep bothering the hospital/the GP with my worries but the uncertainty is difficult to live with. Until last September I didn' t even know what the symptoms of cervical cancer are & it worries me that so many women like myself are unaware of the symptoms! Sorry to rant!  You seem like a very strong lady. 

Hi again Harvitt Never say your worries are stupid - it is perfectly understandable that you are so worried!


im sorry life sucks badly for you right now, as others have said try to focus on kicking cancers but not your staging or statistics or anything else google may come up with.  Try to stay positive and accept any and all help that is offered to you, I didn't change my diet much during treatment, just cut out caffeine and alcohol and tried to increase my protein and iron intake, I'm a veggie and usually deficient in something and didn't want to take any supplements that may interact with the treatment. 
Talk to the Macmillan nurses and see what they can offer in help and support, maybe it would benefit your husband to talk to them too, they also have a million different booklets for everything!

stay strong xxx



I hope your surgery goes well, will be thinking of you and sending loads of positive vibes xxx 

Thank you. 

I'm just consumed in grief and fear at the moment. I spent all day in bed yesterday unable to think... So I just slept and cried. 

Hi 55,

Sorry to be so long in replying. I have been a bit tied up with other stuff. It's horrible waiting for repeat tests and results. However, its important to keep perspective. Your abnormalities have been identified and are now being monitored. The screening system has worked and done what it is supposed to do. Only 1 in 200 women who have had treatment for abnormalities and then stick to their follow up plan go on to have cervical cancer. You are in any case a low risk case so its highly unlikely to be you that's the  unlucky 1 in the 200. I am sure you will fine that all will be good at follow-up.

Regarding menopause symptoms, you can perhaps ask to be referred to a specialist menopause clinic.  I know what you mean in that its hard to decide what is menopause and what is a cancer symptom but they may be able to advise you further.

Good luck,

Karen x

Hi Petesdragon/Karen

Thank you so much for your reply. You are right about trying to keep things in perspective. I think I will feel a lot better after my test results in June. I know you have beem through much worse things and I really appreciate your support.

This whole experience has made me realise what really matters in life!! Apparently the HRT should also help to reduce my anxiety! Have GP appointment on Friday to discuss increasing oestrogen so hopefully I'll feel a bit more in control of my own life & my own body again!


Good luck 55!!