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This is my first post so here goes.....

I had my 3 yearly smear test in January and received a letter 2 weeks later saying they found abnormalities and signs of HPV virus.

Phoned the hospital immediately to make an appointment for a colposcopy which I had on I have to wait 3 - 4 weeks for results....they took some tissue for testing during the colposcopy and I have to say I am absolutely petrified.....

This was my first 3 yearly smear, as I have been having yearly ones following an abnormal one in 1997....i am so going to pay for yearly ones again after all this is over....

My kids are 10 and 13 and they lost their Dad 3.5 years ago, they can't lose me as well...hoping I am stressing over nothing, but with what my hubby went through, it scares the life out of me..

Thanks for listening.



What a scary situation for you to be in, with the backdrop of having lost your husband. I am so sorry to hear that you went through that. I'm not surprised you're scared and I'm glad you've found Jo's. 

It might help reassure you to know that in the vast majority of cases, the result will be cell abnormalities (CIN or CGIN) and that this is very easily treatable and is NOT cancer. It's possible that it's already been treated by the colposcopy you've had, because the biopsy that they've taken could have removed all of the abnormal cells. Did the gynaecologist who did the colposcopy give you any indication of the size of the area affected by abnormal cells?

I would have thought it extremely likely that after this, they will put you back onto more regular smear tests anyway (possibly every six months) so you probably won't be in the position of having to go private for it. 

Keep us updated on how you're doing, as well as the results. 

Take care, 

Annabel. x

Thank you for your reply Annabel. I am trying to stay positive, but can't help but worry.....also difficult when I haven't got anyone to talk to at home about it, only my partner knows and he lives away so don't get to see him very often....



It's difficult not to worry, I understand - waiting is horrible, but you've done the hard bit now and it shouldn't be too much longer now before you hear something. It is very hard when you haven't got anyone to talk to, but you can come onto Jo's anytime you like and you will get support.

Annabel. x