Already had cyro, symptoms back.

Last year I started bleeding quite badly after having sex. My partner of 4 years and now of 5 years has been very supportive through out. I went to my doctor straight away and had it checked. I was particularly worried because I was only 20 and only ever had two sexual partners in my life. I spoke to my mum and found out she had pre cancerous cells in her 30’s and was treated for it, so found great relief in talking to her about it.

I had STI checks and a smear which all came back normal and clear, which was a relief! My gynaecologist came to the conclusion that my cervix was eroding so in September this year I had cervical cyro to make it stronger.

It has now been 9 weeks since my cervical cyro. I had sex with my partner and bled again and had awful belly pains too, which upset us both as we felt we were back at square one again.
I have been to the doctors this morning & had another smear and STI swabs done.

Very upset and worried, I have to wait 5 days for results and then it will be looked into having cyro again. I’ve tried to find out about having cyro repeated so close together but cant find much on it. My cervix is so sore now and worried that a repeat cyro will be even more painful than it was the last time.