Aloe vera

Hi ladies

hope you are all,well today. I am starting my treatment next week, six weeks of,radiotherapy every day,,chemo every Monday, and brachytherapy at the end. I have heard quite a few times of people drinking aloe Vera juice whilst having treatment. Has anyone here heard of it, or done it, or know anything about this?

thanks for reading xx

I haven't heard of it but it's all new to me. I am interested in hearing whether anyone has had any alternative therapies alongside treatment. 



I tried aloe vera once and it made me vom! I can't see it hurting if you can drink it x

I did a diet at the beginning of this year which involved drinking the gel, loads of people said to me how gross it was, how they couldent drink it, how they struggled with it, but I had no problem at all with it, which was why when I heard people drinking it during treatment it got me thinking.

hope your treatment is,going well sweet pea x

Don't know what treatment I am having yet, have my meeting tomorrow,  but thanks.


If you managed it and liked it I don't think taking it during treatment will do any harm!



I'd ask your specialist nurse about that one and see what she thinks :)). Sounds great but there was many things to avoid with the chemo lol xx

Hi :-)

I drank liquid aloe vera throughout my radiotherapy and I swear it helped prevent a lot of nasty side-effects. Did I put it in apple juice? Can't remember now. Even if it doesn't do any good it most certainly does no harm! Chemo put me right off coffee so I switched to green tea (with lemon) and my radiotherapy diet was draconian but nothing wrong with the aloe vera.

Be lucky :-)


Well there you are, just shows all the things we learn Tivoli ;) xx

Thanks ladies x