Almost five weeks!

Hi there


I had my lletz treatment about five weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything back yet about my results. I tried ringing my doctor but they said that they haven't heard anyhting.

Why am I being kept waiting? Has anyone else had a similair experience?


Stacey xx

hi Stacey

I think it depends on your hospital with how long you wait. some get told 6 to 8 weeks.

I'm 2weeks waiting on my results, feeling positive though :)

(the dreaded statement) try not to worry x


hopefully that is a good sign!! Fingers crossed for you.

xxx dons

Ladies, I'm hoping you can help ease my mind....I had my colposcopy on Monday and also had treatment at the same time as I had visible high grade cell changes. I was advised I may bleed and have a brownish discharge for up to 4 weeks and not to bathe or have sex during this period. All was well until Thursday when I started with stomach pains and I'm now losing a clear discharge with not a very nice smell (apologies for too much info) 

is this normal?? 

the doctor was also very vague when I asked if it looked ok, so a little worried about results but tryibg not to worry too much until I have to....

Hi, maybe if there is a smell it would be worth getting checked by GP tomorrow as you may need antibiotics. I had mine on Monday - CIN3 and loop. Im passing a very light almost pink discharge but no smell and apart from a feeling of heaviness and a few cramps I'm ok x 

Good luck with your results. My consultant said 2-3 week for results but probably 2 so hoping to hear by the end of the week xx 

Thanks for the quick reply, yeah I will get it checked out tomorrow. They have told me 4 weeks for results so good luck with yours too and thanks again for your advice x

No problem, not much experience but I have read on various posts that if you do notice a bit of an unpleasant smell then it's likely to be an infection - hopefully you'll get the antibiotics and things will improve quickly xx

All the best to you x



I was exactly the same as u! there was a very slight smell to start which that got stronger as days went by, so much so it was very noticeable all the time by me so made GP appointment after 6 days...t. I thought he may want a look but he asked me to describe the smell, said it was common after this procedure then gave me antibiotics.nafter 2 days the smell had gone and everything cleared up very quickly.

yes, no bath or sex for 4wks. I did both after 4 wks (not at same time, lol!) and all was fine x


ladies, I've been to the gp and have some antibiotics (which certainly weren't on my birthday list) but following your advice I'm sure ill be back to normal in a few days....Dons, your comment made me chuckle 'not at the same time' thanks ladies and both take care xx