Almost 4 year's clear... and now changes.

Not sure if this is the right section to put this in, and haven't been on in quite some time. 

I was diagnosed with Stage 1Acc in Nov 13, which was treated with a 3rd round of LLETZ (I had previously had 2 rounds for CIN3). Since then I have had the usual 6 monthly appointments, with all clear each time. I've now recieved the letter to say that changes have been found on my routine smear, and treatment is required - appointment now on the 17th. Called today to get a bit more info, as I at least understand most of this now, and was advised the changes are severe. 

After so many all clears, I'm pretty disappointed as you can imagine. Just wondering if any of you have had more than 3 rounds of LLETZ, as last time they were unsure if I would be able to get it again, and if not, I'm not really sure of the other options. As always, I know I'll get more info next week, but as I'm sure you all well know, the waiting drives the head into overtime. 

I also go on a 3wk roadtrip to the states 9 days after my appointment, so the timing is impeccable! Hoping the LLETZ gets it done and sorted so I can enjoy it, but made the mistake of looking at other possible treatments, and have definitely spooked myself a little. 

Any advice or similar is always appreciated! 


Sorry to hear this has reared its head again!  I too had 1a1 but I'm still waiting for my first all clear since treatment finished so although our backgrounds are different I remember the waiting can drive you insane!  I know what you mean about looking at other treatments as I'm wondering what will happen if they still can't get a smear from me to check that everything is ok; I'm just waiting for another colposcopy date to come through so they can try again.  Hopefully you will be able to have another LLETZ and that will be the end of it, it's extremely rare to get reoccurence from 1a1 but it's good that we have regular check ups so things can get sorted.  In the meantime try to keep your mind occupied with other things (easier said than done!) and feel free to PM me if you want to chat xx

Hey! Sorry to hear you're having similar trouble, although I guess most of us are that's why we are here eh? You're right the waiting is definitely the nightmare part, I had all but forgotten this feeling of impending doom, or at least I thought I had. 

Yeah if it's lletz again then I'm absolutely fine with that, not the best but not the worst! I think I'm more worried since I've already had 3 rounds of it, and they weren't sure last time whether another one would be feasible. I've always said I didn't want kids, but that's not to say I don't want the option, so the alternatives are definitely scaring me a little. I guess I'll know more next week! 

Hope all works out to get some clear margins and a conclusive smear for you! Xx