Almost 4 Weeks Post Op (pregnancy mentioned)

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I was diagnosed with Stage 1B1 on March 30th of this year and it has been an ordeal ever since.  Since I am only 33and if  you couldn't tell by my username from the states, , the first Gy Oncologist that we saw, referred me to a different Gy Oncologist who specializes in trachelectomys since kids were very much something me and my husband wanted still. In fact that was what kicked off everything, I went in for a pre-conceive meeting with my ob/gyn and my pap came back abnormal.  So she wanted me to have a coloscopy which came back as CIN III.  Her recomendation was to have a LEEP and hoped that it would take care of whatever was down there. Unfortunatley it came back with cancer.  So to fast forward I am currently 26 Days Post-Op from the trachelectomy.  They removed my lymphnodes and cervix while saving my uterus.  My final Pathology report came back with nodes being clear and all negative margins but there was lymphovascualr space invasion or LVSI.  My Dr gave me 3 options: 1) Do nothing and observe, 2) wait 6 months get pregnant and then have a hysterectomy or 3) Radiation Therapy.  It sucked.  Right after my surgery he told me I was clear but to give him credit he did say that the pathology report was finalized yet but that the nodes and cervix were clear and technically I am cancer free.  So after much discussion and crying on my part we have decided to go with option #2.  We have a ways to go before we can start trying but I really want everything to be okay and for the cancer to not come back while we try to get pregnant. This site has helped so much with questions and concerns that I wanted to share my story with everyone.


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Hi Erin. I think you have made the right decision, after all the reason you had the trach was to be able to carry a baby! I do hope it works out for you. Much love h x

Good luck with it all Erin :-) And let us know how you get along

Best wishes


Hi Erin, I just wanted to say that I am also 33, and found out I had a 3 cm tumour whilst pregnant! I had to have a csection and radical hysterectomy at the same time.  Please don't worry about it coming back, chances are minimal and we are checked that much we are in a better position than others! I do hope everything goes okay for you and that you catch a break.  I had to have scans etc whilst pregnant and nothing harmed my baby :) wishing you all the luck in the world xxx 

Was meant to also say that option b is definitely the way forward :) xx

Hi Everybody,

At my last follow up I found out that my cerclage stitch had come out so that will have to be redone but he doesn't want to see me till October.  Of course the new wrinkle is that I haven't had my period since June.  I got it 2 weeks after my surgery and then 2 weeks after that when I would've normally had it.  So if I don't get it by Sunday It will have been 2 months since my last period and no I am not pregnant I checked.  Hoping that it will show up because I have had all the "symptoms" of my period coming but so far nothing.  I figured I would see whether I get it and if I don't then I will let my Dr know.  SUCK! I need that to work to conceive.  So Frustrated.  So that is my rant for now. THank you for listening.