ally1205 need help

Hi is there anyone on this site from dundee?   i got a phone call on my mobile tonight an 0800 678 3393 , i missed the call when i phoned it back it said it did not take incoming calls

I checked the number online and some of the comments had NHS Glasgow, or there GP, does anyone know if this number is for NHS Scotland.  I wasnt meant to be getting my results for another week thats why im not sure what to think.


Thanks for reading, hopefully someone on here has had treatment at ninewells, dundee


ally xx

Hi ally, I googled this number and your link came up. I have had this number called me today, I only had my smear test done last week and was wondering what your outcome was? Did this number get back in touch?

Hope to hear from you. 


Hi Ally, I’ve just seen this and it’s definitely an NHS number. I work in NHS Forth Valley and this is the number that comes up when work call me.