All very new just looking for support please

Hi all I'm Katie,

so had my smear test Tuesday and the nurse said there was a mass lumpy section on one side of my cervix she referred to follicles a few times but with a possible mass under them ?‍♀️ Anyway she referred me for an emergency appointment which I got today for Wednesday for a colposcopy.

all prior smears have been normal before this however I have been able to feel this myself for a while and just thought it was a prolapse from having my daughter 4 years ago and not much down there has ever felt normal again lol! 
Then afterwards giving it time to sink in I have noticed some differences like loss of intercourse sensation of that makes sense ladies and my pelvis always aches when I'm on my period but I just put that down to still suffering with spd from pregnancy as I had it so bad.

Just wanted to know if anyone has had anything like this and what to expect at my appointment Wednesday!!


thank you all for taking the time to read this it really does help xxx


 Hi Katie

Firstly welcome to Jos and I am sure you will find this a place of great support! Its great that your appointment has come through nice and quickly as the worst part is often the waiting and not knowing.

Im not a Dr but where you mention follicles it could be she is referring to a Nabothian cyst which is very common and benign but if they get larger they do like to have a better look at these in colposcopy. Its like a microscope that stays outside of your body but it means they can take a really detailed look, and if necessary maybe take a small biopsy to confirm what types of cells are involved. There is good info on the jos website to explain the process

Colposcopy sounds scary but its really all over very quickly, and you will have a nurse there just to look after you and explain everything that her colleague is doing. The nurses working in colposcopy are so kind and understand how you feel. You can even see it all on a tv screen if you like that kind of thing (i didnt!)

The symptoms you describe could be down to a number of perfectly normal and benign things so do try not to worry, you have done the right thing in going forward for screening and you will be looked after, so relax as best as you can 

All the best xXx

Thank you for your reply, the waiting game is so difficult 

thank you x

It really is, and we all understand how that feels! 

Im a massive worrier, and one of my doctors told me, this isn't a problem you can solve by worrying, so just let the process take its course. And he was right! Try not to let it take over your life while you're waiting x