All normal till biopsy ???

Hi! Heres my story when I was 27 i had missed a period and at this time I had never missed a period since the day I started so I found it odd also at this time I was not sexually active it had been about 4 years.anyways about 7 months went by and I had spotting when I should of had a period I was PMSing but it never came I decided to get checked out. The practitioner said it was all probably stress I requested an HPV test I was paying out of pocket so they did that along with a smear. Well my smear came back normal but I had HPV i was told to retest In a year so I waited a year and 6 months before retesting when I did same results I still wasn't having sex so the practitioner said I should have a colposcopy just to be sure nothing is missed. So I went on with my life still not active I was scared to be with anyone. Well in june I had my period and a few days after being done i was peeing and noticed blood so I freaked out I made an appt for the colpo they had almost refused me because it had been 8 months well they did it and said everything looked good but decided to take a sample from the inside and send it off just to make sure nothing was missed.It took 3 weeks to hear anything because three people looked it over well they said I dad CIN 2 high grade and refered me to a doc now scheduled for cone bippsy on 25th has anyone had everything be normal till biopsy? I just find it weird even the practitioner and doc are baffled. They gave me 2 options do a colpo again to re check or go off the colpo and then go from there I took option 2  im scared I have cancer and its really deep in there and hiding.

Thanks for your time 

You'll be ok. Think positive. Yeah I had my cone biopsy yesterday 8/10/17. It was not too bad. You'll be ok.

Yeah I had my cone biopsy 8/10/17. It wasn't too bad. You'll be ok. Think positive

Yeah I had my cone biopsy 8/10/17. You'll be ok. Think positive.