All my results seem to be wrong!!!

I had a smear test in june 16 and results came back clear, in October I went to have mirena coil inserted, the doc said something looked a bit abnormal so decided to send me for colposcopy even though she was sure everthing was alright it was just to be on the safe side since my smear only a few months prior was fine. Went in Feb for the colposcopy and she done 3 punch biopsies, two weeks later I get letter informing me its cin 2 and I will have lletz on 15 March. Had the lletz and received results which were cin 3 but that they had removed it all . I just received a phone call from the colposcopy clinic on June the 1st from a lovely nurse who informed me that my consultant done a review of everything and has downgraded my cin3 to cin1. Its all seems very messed up,is it the labs that are making these mistakes, i have spent months worrying and Im due back to the hospital early September for smear and hpv test but have no faith in smear test now since it gave me the wrong result. Anyone else have this happen to them.