All i want for xmas...

Hi Ladies

I hope you are all as well asyou  can be and coping xx

Patience is not my strong point and i have certainly been tested these last few months. I had hoped i would be post op and on the road to recovery in time for the festive season but unfortunaely am still waiting :((

Funny how my diagnosis changing twice and now 1b1 has not freaked me but the waiting has me at near meltdown!!

Note to santa ...Please ... the op  before xmas would be the best present for me and my family

Hope everyone else gets their wishes too xx

Kath xx

Hi Kath,

Yes, the waiting is the pits, isn’t it?

I was due to go for surgery this Thursday, but on Friday they called to ask if I could come in on Tuesday (i.e. tomorrow) instead. Bricking it now.

Still, less time to wait is less time to worry - hope you get your Christmas wish!


Good Luck Rosehip xx

Hi Kath,

just sending you some will get there!  Hope you get the info/news you want and all done before xmas